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    Moving can be a challenging time for any family, but this is made exponentially more difficult when the move is international.

    The community of Nichada Thani is a perfect place to raise a family, offering all the comforts your family has grown accustomed to, and some unique offerings as well. Members of the Nichada Thani community can enjoy the healthier and more balanced lifestyle experienced by our Nichada community.

    Here are just five of the many benefits your family can experience while living at Nichada Thani.


    1. A safe place to call home

    We know one of the most pressing concerns a parent can have is for the safety of their family.

    Nestled in a quiet suburb away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Nichada Thani is a safe environment for children and families to live together harmoniously.

    This gated community offers 24-hour security, so you can sleep well knowing your family is safe and secure. Additionally, the freedom of movement your children can experience in the Nichada Thani means they can walk or bike to their friend’s houses, to school, or to the local shops. 

     Download the Nichada Thani Lifestyle Guide Here 

    2. A strong sense of community

    The community of Nichada Thani is lively, welcoming, and is a wonderful place to raise a family.

    While all ISB parents are welcome to take part in PTA activities, the community in Nichada Thani often hosts their own events, be they fairs, running dinners, cultural or religious celebrations, coffee mornings and more!

    This sense of community is a vital part of making Nichada Thani your home away from home. A strong sense of community will help your children adjust to life at ISB as it will help them meet new people, make friends, and settle into their new home. 


    3. Beautiful grounds

    Walking along the grounds of Nichada Thani you’ll find beautiful walking or biking paths, a stunning lake, secret gardens, and unique flora and fauna for your children to discover.

    While the Nichada Thani grounds are beautiful, maintaining them serves a dual purpose; the greenery also helps improve the air quality in our community.

    ISB monitors the air quality on campus and compares it to that of downtown Bangkok, and Nichada Thani has consistently been found to have lower levels of air pollution than in the downtown area. This means your family can enjoy a healthier lifestyle while living at Nichada Thani. Additionally, The ISB campus itself has positive air pressure filtration systems in each of its learning spaces and multipurpose rooms.


    4. Easy access to ISB

    One of the best things about living in Nichada Thani is the easy access to our ISB campus.

    ISB is in the heart of Nichada Thani, so not only can you and your children walk to school, this also opens the opportunity for the whole family to use the facilities, such as the tennis courts, fitness room, the large grass fields, the ISB Golf Center and more.

    Nichada Thani also has two gyms, an olympic sized swimming pool and more on offer for families.


    5. Options to suit your lifestyle

    At ISB, we know every family is different, and that your family’s housing needs may be different from what another family might want or need. This is why it’s important to choose a community that understands your needs and provides options to best suit them.

    Nichada Thani offers many different housing options so you can be sure your family is comfortable and you have the space you need. You can choose between various sizes of apartments, condos and villas, with a wide range of pricing options.

    Nichada Thani also provides benefits such as golf carts, maintenance and easier access in and out of the community when you stay in one of Nichada’s owned properties. There are also a number of privately owned properties for rent in the community.

    Whatever housing option your family chooses, Nichada Thani can be your home away from home.


    Nichada Thani has everything you need, and more

    At Nichada Thani, your family’s happiness, safety and security are of the utmost importance.

    Discover everything Nichada Thani has to offer your family, from stunning scenery to safe community living. Download the Nichada Lifestyle Guide today!


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