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    At the International School of Bangkok (ISB), we know how important it is to choose a school that can provide your child with everything they need to do well in their future endeavors.

    We have identified six key components of what makes an ISB education the best choice for families which includes our curriculum, inclusive community and the unique Nichada Thani lifestyle, our commitment to our students’ well-being and more. 


    1. Offers a challenging and international curriculum

    One of the most important features of an international school is the curriculum that they have on offer. Schools like ISB are able to draw from the best resources and standards around the world, to create learning opportunities for students that are meaningful, transferable and most useful in today’s world. Being well-resourced and being able to draw on teachers with extensive experience, they can support students as individuals, giving them the attention they need to progress at their level.

    ISB is accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB). However, standards from the U.K., Canada and other countries are also used to guide and assess our students. With a largely transient student body, it is important for us to prepare students for their next step in their life, no matter which school or which country they travel to. It is also essential that we prepare students to succeed not only in their education, but their life as a whole. It is for this reason that the nurturing of their social and emotional development goes right alongside their academic development.

    Through experiential learning, our curriculum at ISB also teaches students how to apply the knowledge they learn into real life situations. By teaching our students how to be independent learners, to find solutions and to make connections with what they are learning in the classroom and their life outside of school, they are equipped to adapt to any situation that may arise in their life.  


    2. A multicultural and multilingual student body

    Our student body at International School of Bangkok consists of students from all over the world with over 60 different nationalities represented, so it’s important to us that we take advantage of the incredible learning opportunities this presents us with.

    On a practical level, exposing your children to different cultures, languages, art, celebrations, religions and more will help them grow into internationally minded learners. Social and emotional skills attributed to internationalism include leadership, empathy, curiosity, and adaptability, to name just a few. These skills are highly valued by college admissions boards and future employers.

    With a campus full of multiple cultures and languages, we incorporate diversity into other aspects of our curriculum, particularly as a language focus. Our Native Languages classes will help your child maintain their native tongue while also developing their English language skills. 

    At ISB, your children will feel safe and at home as we honour and encourage the further development of their language skills and provide them with a place of belonging.


    3. A globally minded, inclusive and vibrant community

    It’s important to us at ISB that all of our students feel included and respected in our community. As host to many diverse nationalities and cultures, we consider this as something to be celebrated and incorporate it into many aspects of our community life.

    Our vibrant community will help your family integrate and feel at home with us. Our focus on inclusivity means you’ll easily find an activity, club or event to participate in and meet the wonderful people that are part of ISB.

    Here’s a short sampling of some of the many events and activities you can participate in as a member of the ISB community:

    • Welcome Wai
    • Spirit Night
    • Intercultural Week
    • International Food Fair
    • ISB PTA and Booster Club
    • And many more!

    Further, if you choose to live in the Nichada Thani community around ISB, you will have access to even more opportunities to be included. The Nichada Thani community offers many outdoor activity opportunities like walking and biking and it provides a close-knit, caring and fun community to live in.

    At ISB, we know how important a sense of community is within international families, which is why we place a heavy emphasis on helping you and your family feel welcomed and included.


    4. Commitment to student support and opportunities

    One of the best parts of joining the ISB community is the doors of opportunity that are now open for your child. We encourage students to follow their passions in academics, arts, athletics and many other areas both in and out of the classroom.

    By offering a wide range of extracurricular activities, your child will have the opportunity to explore their interests. They can try out for one of our many sports teams, from soccer to swim team to badminton or even wrestling. For our creatively talented students, they could try their hand at a new instrument as a part of our robust music program, or try an unfamiliar style of dance, or even learn ceramics or jewelry making.

    Whatever their passions are, ISB can help your child find what excites them, discover new hobbies, or maybe even find their calling.

    ISB also offers a range of student support services across all age groups. The team of specialized educators assist students with their learning, as well as with socially and emotionally. The team also includes Speech-Language Pathologists, Psychologists, and an Occupational Therapist.


    5. College and University counselling support

    For many of our older students, taking the next step and moving on to college or university can be a scary time. With so many possibilities open to them it can be an overwhelming task to take on by themselves. As parents you want to give them guidance but you might not know where to even start.

    Our college and university counselling support network will provide your child with the practical tools, information and guidance they need to make the right decision for themselves; this starts as early as 10th grade, helping students choose the right courses based on their aspirations and talents. 

    Our college counselling team works with your child and helps them not only discover their path, but guide them along it, too. 

    ISB offers additional college support by hosting College Nights, fairs, seminars and Coffee Nights for parents.


    6. Non-profit structure puts your investment back into students

    By choosing a non-profit school for your child, you can be comforted knowing that tuition and fees are invested right back into improving their educational experience.

    ISB is overseen by parents who are also members of the school association. There is election for members to the ISB Board of Trustees each year and the Board works closely with the school leadership to oversee, advise and approve of actions on all areas of the school.

    As a non-profit school, the focus remains on the students, with all investment going back to the core aim of improving learning.


    The ISB Experience

    At ISB, we’re passionate about providing an excellent education and about fostering a caring and inclusive community. Many of our families choose to live in the Nichada Thani community, so that they have full access to the campus and increased involvement in activities at school.

    Download the Nichada Lifestyle Guide and discover ISB for yourself today.

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