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    Christian Shearer (ISB Class of 1996) has been at the cutting edge of global ecology since his early 20s.  He launched Panya Project ( in the early 2000s, an ecological agriculture and natural building education center in Northern Thailand.  ISB students from the past 15 years or so are familiar with the Panya Project as it has been a popular site for ISB’s Week Without Walls and Global Citizenship Week programs.


    Most recently Christian co-founded Regen Network (, a startup technology company aimed at tracking, verifying, and valuing ecological information, particularly from the world’s farmers, ranchers and land managers. Regen Network has gained traction from a number of well-known natural products companies and some of the world’s largest producer groups. “What we are building unlocks the data for land managers and brands to make profitable, ecologically sound, management decisions,” shared Christian.


    Regen Network plans to launch a number of pilot projects later this year, including a program to reward indigenous communities for forest stewardship, in partnership with the Rainforest Foundation. The program looks to scale up to over 25 million acres of indigenous land and to bring together the brands and consumers who are passionate about rainforest health with the stewards of the land.