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    In our next International School Bangkok (ISB) ‘Alumni in the Arts’ installment, we will be highlighting a few of our alumni in the artistic fields of fashion, design, and jewelry.

    Prinyapa (Prairie) Yooprasert: Fashion

    Screen Shot 2566-09-04 at 15.09.21Prairie Yooprasert was a 2014 graduate of ISB. In her time at International School Bangkok she was passionate about art (especially photography) as well as softball. After leaving ISB she attended the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California for nearly three years before deciding to follow her entrepreneurial instincts as well as her passion for photography, art, and the environment that eventually led her back to Thailand.

    In 2018 Ms. Yoopasert founded Tohsang Cotton Village in the most eastern region of the country bordering Laos in the Khong Chiam District of Ubon Ratchathani. Tohsang aims to create a circular economy by starting with supplying the farmers with seeds, paying them to spin the cotton, and then bringing that cotton to the weavers. Other raw materials like dyes are also sourced locally. There are three people in the core team. However, they have an ecosystem of partnerships and relationships to support their business. The main vision of Tohsang is to create additional income for low-income individuals by resurrecting and preserving traditional weaving and natural cotton growing while highlighting the talent of this ancient and traditional artwork.

    Here's what Prairie has to say about her work: “By opening Tohsang Cotton Village when we did we have definitely faced a great deal of challenges, especially trying to build such a community during COVID. I feel, however, that if you're true to yourself and you keep doing what you know is right, then eventually you will win out. I feel we’re really lucky to have built such a strong community of weavers and artists in Ubon Ratchathani with whom I work on a daily basis. They truly have been the core of the work, and what drives me to continue building the business no matter what medium we decide to work in. As a photographer I’ve always been inspired by nature, so with our textiles, we attempt to grow everything naturally by ourselves, forage for natural dyes in the forest, and design our products in the most ecological manner as possible.  So, in essence, we are working with nature and putting it in a form that the general public can appreciate and will want to buy.

    For more information about Tohsang Cotton Village please check out this video or visit the Tohsang site here.

    David Elder: Jewelry Maker

    Screen Shot 2566-09-04 at 16.44.09David Elder attended ISB from 1967 through 1969, graduating with the Class of 1969.  Here’s what David has to say about his life, “I traveled the world growing up and have had a lifelong love affair with beautiful arts and crafts, photography, and jewelry. I love Thai and Indian cuisine and traveling to exotic lands. I have owned and operated a Boutique and Jewelry store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for 30 years. It is called Bella Luna. I am a Jewelry Designer and Silversmith, a Yoga Teacher, Chef, and Sourdough Bread Baker! I love chess, playing guitar, kayaking, and frisbee, and cooking great food for friends and family.

    Elder’s artistry can definitely be seen in the beautiful jewelry that he designs and makes himself.  As he mentioned, he has owned and operated his own boutique and jewelry store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Bella Luna.  Please check out David’s amazing work here.

    Elaine Saulnier: Graphic Designer

    4B1A6249-Enhanced-NRElaine Saulnier attended ISB from 2001 through 2006 and is a member of ISB’s Class of 2006. At ISB, Elaine was well-known for her artwork and was voted by her classmates as the Best Artist. After ISB, Elaine attended Bangkok University and earned a Bachelor of Technology – BTech, Computer Graphics & Multimedia degree. She immediately put her education to work as she began her career as a graphic designer. Based in Germany, Elaine has worked for several companies in graphic design, multimedia design, and social media marketing.  

    Currently, she has begun work as the Senior Art Directory/Team Lead at a Video Gaming and eSports Marketing Agency in Berlin. She helps lead a team of designers working on TV Studio productions, live events, conventions, client design projects, and pitches. Here’s what Elaine has to say about her latest project: “I actually recently wrapped up a booth design project for a client at Gamescom, the world's biggest gaming convention. This project was really fun because alongside managing designers creating things like big banners and scenery, I also got to personally design some of the space. 

    Looking back at Elaine’s time as a student at ISB, her experience as a Cultural Convention artist and participant is most fascinating, especially the process she went through while creating her CC piece.  Watch this video to see Ms. Saulnier describing her process.  As a final note, here’s some advice for budding artists as they move on to university: “Surround yourself with artists who are more talented than yourself. Try to learn from them as much as you learn from your professors.”  

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