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    As a Japanese parent interested in transferring your child to a new school, it’s important to look ahead in their future to ensure the choices you make for them right now will benefit them in the long term. 

    If your long-term goals for your child include attending a Japanese university, you may be wondering if an international school is the right choice for your child, or if there are challenges of transferring schools that outweigh the benefits. 

    At International School Bangkok (ISB), we understand your concerns and all the important factors that help your child get to the university of their choice. To help ease any anxieties you may have around transferring schools, we’ve outlined some common questions we are asked. 

    How will transferring schools affect my child’s application?

    A common question we receive from parents is whether the decision to transfer schools will become a challenge when it is time to apply to universities, in particular Japanese universities. 

    At ISB, we have 7% Japanese students and a high percentage of our Japanese graduates decide to go back to Japan for further study. They are accepted into universities such as Sophia University, Waseda University and many more.

    International schools like ISB provide an excellent education that is carefully designed to not only help your child achieve the necessary academic benchmarks they need but also further develop valuable skills that will serve them in all aspects of their life.

    ISB also has a Native Language Program and English as an Additional Language Program that will help your child maintain their Japanese language, supporting them in the transferring of schools and moving on from ISB

    Students at ISB also have access to college counsellors who not only have expert knowledge of university trends and admissions processes, but they also get to know your child. Our college counsellors use this information to provide informed guidance to help them reach their goals. 

    Making the decision to change your child's school is never an easy one. Click here for a helpful list of 5 things to look for when transferring schools.

    Our college counselors, as well as school leadership, also visit universities and colleges around the world, to maintain our close relationship with them. See where the Class of 2021 students have chosen for their future

    Transferring credits

    With just about every school having its own unique grading system, you may be wondering about how your child’s current credits and scores will transfer over to their new school. 

    Parents express concern that transferring schools will cause confusion between different grading systems or that the disruption caused by the transfer will negatively impact their child’s grades. This can be extra concerning for families.

    We will work with you, your child, and their outgoing school to help make the transition as easy on your child as possible and identify their learning needs and how we can best serve them. 

    If any challenges arise regarding transferring course credits to ISB, our counselors will help your child find the right courses to get them where they need to go. 

    If your child is transferring to ISB and is taking the IB Diploma Program, ISB can offer an extensive list of IB programs, including Japanese Language and Literature.

    Impacts of a mid-year transfer

    At ISB, we know big life changes don’t always happen at convenient times. We understand the impact this can have on students, because having to transfer to a new school in the middle of the year can be a stressful time for them.

    However, this is common at ISB. Many students join ISB within the middle of the year and they are supported with the transition into their respective grade level.

    We also have students that need a mid-year (December) graduation, to support their enrollment in Universities in Japan in January. Each year, we have a cohort that graduates in the December of their Senior year. ISB plans a ceremony for them and ensures they can complete their schooling at ISB with sufficient credits, knowledge and skills to be successful.

    Ensuring your child is able to adjust to their new school environment is crucial to their success. Here are 8 ways you can help your child adjust to life at ISB.

    Transferring schools may seem like an intimidating prospect for your child and for your family, but you can rest assured knowing that ISB is prepared to guide you and your child through this transfer.


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