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    ISB Graduating Class of 2019


    International School Bangkok (ISB) provides expert guidance for students as they seek their best college and university fit academically, socially and financially. Decades of global experience within our college counseling team provides tremendous depth and value in the critical college selection process. This college search starts early so that when choices have been made, ISB can most effectively assist and guide students toward their first choice. Each year our students achieve entry to the Ivy League, Oxbridge, prestigious Liberal Arts colleges and numerous universities across the world with a variety of specialized programs.  


    A distinguishing feature of every ISB graduating class is the incredible diversity of interests that are so passionately pursued by the student body. This year is no exception with acceptances to over 100 colleges in 30 countries across a variety of disciplines. Whether it is hospitality at École hotelière de Lausanne; materials science and engineering at Stanford University; environmental management at Universiteit Utrecht; Japanese Culture at Waseda University or International Business at McGill University, ISB is proud to have nurtured the talent and drive that has enabled our students to reach the next stage in their lives.


    Outstanding IB Diploma Program Results


    We also enjoyed another fantastic round of IB results, in this our 35th year of running the IB Diploma Program. ISB students achieved a 96% pass rate significantly above international norms. Over 20% of our graduates received 40 points or higher, where across the world only 3% of students achieve this and over 30% were awarded a bilingual diploma. The list of languages offer a glimpse of the multilingualism and diversity within our community: Mandarin, Danish, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Thai and Vietnamese.

    We are immensely proud of every student on this journey. Our students set their own goals in reaching their targets and each has had their own challenges to overcome. They will continue to enrich communities as they have enriched our school community during their time at ISB.  We wish them the very best as enter their future and positively impact their world.




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