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    When moving to a new country or area, there are so many important factors to take into account. Two of the biggest would be choosing the best school for your child and then deciding where to live, and what kind of lifestyle you want to have. As you consider these, understanding the intricacies of getting around Bangkok and navigating the traffic in the city, is important.

    Transportation and commuting are a reality of our modern world, and Bangkok has its own unique challenges and opportunities, which may be very different from your home country.

    At the International School of Bangkok (ISB), we know how valuable your time is, which is why we prioritize helping you spend as much time with your family - and not sitting in traffic - as you can.

    Our transportation services aim to serve the whole family, providing transport to campus in the most efficient and safe way.


    Transportation for Families in Bangkok

    For families that live in downtown Bangkok, parents can rest assured that their children’s transportation to and from school is taken care of thanks to our shuttle service.

    The Montri Transportation Company has been providing transportation services for ISB since 1976 and serves students from up to 50 kilometers away. 

    Our shuttle busses are air conditioned, have retractable seat belts, and a bus supervisor to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers while aboard. For added convenience to our families, the shuttle service is door-to-door for all students, and also provides additional drop off times at the end of the school day for students who participate in co-curricular activities or after school events.

    Additional routes are available to enable parents to attend key school events, and the events themselves are scheduled to accommodate the needs of our working parents. 

    If a busy city life isn’t the right choice for your family and you would prefer to live in a quieter community closer to your childrens’ school, look no further than the community of Nichada Thani.

    ISB is located within the gated community of Nichada Thani which affords your children the opportunity to safely walk to school on their own as well as has transportation options for when you need to commute into downtown Bangkok.

    “My husband drives into Siam every day. It rarely takes over 1 hour. We moved to Nichada so our teenage boys could benefit from biking to school, neighborhood friends etc. We will be empty nesters this summer and my husband prefers to stay in Nichada despite his daily commute, thanks to the clean air, less urban noise and stress.” ISB Parent

    Whether you choose to live in the bustling downtown of Bangkok, in the serene suburb of Nichada Thani or somewhere inbetween, ISB has your transportation concerns handled.

    Are you interested in living in the community of Nichada Thani? Learn more about everything it has to offer - download the Nichada Lifestyle Guide today!

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