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    International School Bangkok (ISB) is delighted to announce the Graduating Class of 2020, which has distinguished itself with entries to over 300 universities across 13 countries. In a welcome conclusion to a challenging semester, our seniors demonstrated a self-managing and adaptable mindset. In addition to our resilient students, we also recognize the contributions of our committed parents, educators and dedicated college counselors who came together in radically altered roles to support our seniors and help stay the course.

    Diversity of Interests

    A distinguishing feature of every ISB graduating class is the incredible diversity of interests that are so passionately pursued by the student body. Our students are going on to study a wide range of subjects such as:

    History and Politics at the University of Oxford; Medicine at Trinity College Dublin; Hospitality at École Hotelière de Lausanne; Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Applied Social Psychology at Loyola University Chicago; Business Management at the London School of Economics; Art History at Columbia University; and Geography at the University of Toronto. ISB is proud to have nurtured the talent and drive that has enabled our students to reach the next stage in their lives.

    Despite the recent campus closure, ISB has continued to provide expert guidance for students as they seek their best college and university fit academically, socially and financially. Decades of global experience within our college counseling team provides tremendous depth and expertise in the critical college selection process. This college search starts at the appropriate stage so that when colleges are being researched by the student and family, ISB can most effectively assist and guide students toward their absolute best-fit options. Each year our students apply to an extraordinary range of colleges and universities across the globe with the goal to find the place where they will truly thrive and excel. 

    Success in a Challenging Year

    We warmly congratulate each of our graduates on their achievements and thank them for their contributions to our school and community over many years. This year we recognize each and every student who found the strength to overcome their individual challenges in reaching their learning goals. As they have enriched ISB and our wider community, they will continue to enrich communities through being creative, adaptable, globally-minded, socially intelligent, value-driven and self-managing. 

    Living our ISB learner attributes to their fullest extent, the Class of 2020 are well prepared to thrive in the world beyond ISB. Our whole community wishes them a fond farewell.