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    In our next Alumni in the Arts installment, we are celebrating the International School Bangkok (ISB) Alumni who have chosen to pursue the visual arts of painting or drawing. We are very proud of all the creativity and commitment demonstrated by our alumni’s successes.

    Jason Tamthai: Oil Paniter

    Jason Tamthai is a multicultural artist whose vibrant journey in art began at ISB. Graduating in 1994, he went on from ISB to study oil painting in the United States and has since traveled the world extensively. In 2002, Jason returned to Thailand and Chiang Mai to work and paint full-time. Jason Tamthai

    Tamthai's love for minimalism is shown in abstract form that reflects his unique blend of East-meets-West influences He combines deep colors of the Renaissance with light brush strokes typical to Asian art.  Drawing inspiration from nature and the mountains of northern Thailand, his works are collaborations between man and nature and the exploration of complex human emotion. Jason strives to create through his work a deep and peaceful experience for his viewers. Ultimately, Jason's work is a celebration of life, humans, beauty, and the endless possibilities of abstract painting.  

    Here’s what Jason has to say about his work: “The challenge of being an artist it that you always have be creative. You have to collect lots and lots of information and you have to work very hard. It also helps to be very patient to have lots of support from the people around you, like your parents and your loved ones. It's all consuming profession that I find to be very, very rewarding.”

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    Jason Tamthai's art has appeared in numerous publications in Thailand as well as collections and galleries in Thailand and around the world. Jason has exhibited in Thailand, the USA, France, Singapore, and the Philippines. If you're curious to explore the world through his eyes, Jason's studio awaits in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and his vibrant portfolio is showcased at

    Yukiko Adachi: Illustrator

    Yukiko DrawingA dedicated cat lover and self-help podcast nerd, Yukiko is an illustrator specializing in relatable hand drawn illustrations. Most recently, she documented her experience of becoming a first-time parent during a pandemic via illustrated logs. You can follow #PreggoLog#ParenthoodLog, and her daily shenanigans on Instagram.

    She is originally from Japan but spent her childhood bouncing around different parts of Asia, graduating from International School Bangkok in 2004. She holds a BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently residing in Vancouver, Canada with her partner, daughter, and cat.

    Yukiko Draws 1
    Yukiko Draws 2

    According to Ms. Adachi, “I think the biggest challenge for me creatively after graduating high school and then art school is not having any assignment or being told to make art. I always drew in my free time, but when you're busy with work and life and hanging out with friends, I realized that I really had to carve out time to focus on my creative outlet. So, whatever it takes to kind of get yourself in the habit of being creative, whether it’s artwork, drawing, a podcast or anything, just find something so that you’re expressing yourself and exploring your creativity. You can still enjoy your friends, TV, movies, and music, it’s fine, but making sure that there's a good balance is something that I'm very conscious and deliberate about every day.

    To contact Yukiko about her existing work or to commission a personalized piece, please reach her at

    Piamrak Hattakitkosol: Illustrator, Artist, & Designer

    Ping Hatta 1Piamrak Hattakitkosol, or “Ping Hatta” in short, is a Thai illustrator, artist, and the designer/owner behind Chonky Goods by PHS. An ISB graduate from the Class of 2008, Ping currently splits time between New York City and Bangkok. She also partners with brands as a live portrait artist, adding that special touch to any corporate events, launches, and fashion shows. Her works are inspired by female form, womanhood, analogies of everyday life, and the mystery of the feminine – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

    Ms. Hattakitkosol initially started off as a lingerie designer before becoming a celebrated artist known for her niche exploring fashion and womanhood. Her work is funny and playful as she uses bold forms, stylish silhouettes, and vibrant colors. No matter the medium, whether painting, printmaking, fiber art, or digital, her work portrays the female form weaving together those elements in fresh and uplifting ways. Her illustrations have been widely published internationally in British Vogue, ELLE Thailand, Marie Claire Mexico, and brands such as Nike, Sephora, and many others.

    Ping Hatta 2

    About her career, Ping has this to say, “Before I made a career pivot, I was a full-time lingerie designer for a company based in Thailand. At that time, I thought I wanted to take part in helping women feel confident and empowered, and by designing lingerie, it was a way to create a positive impact on how women carry themselves. But the corporate world wasn’t for me. I get burned out and drawing/creating something has always been my coping mechanism. Eventually, I figured I can still make a positive impact and empower women by art, so I started calling myself an artist and became an artist. Sounds easier said than done, of course! But in all, I want to create something that’s visually pleasing, comforting, and empowers people. I want my work to uplift someone, or to be the catalyst of change for someone.

    ISB Ping 2008With regards to her time at ISB, Ping adds the following: “I had a wonderful time exploring the art department! I was very passionate about the arts and took almost every class and often stayed after school for art time skipping badminton practice! The ISB Arts department was a great space for me to explore different mediums, find out what I really like and what I wanted to continue exploring in college, and most importantly, help me prepare my portfolio for college admissions. Looking back, it was a privilege to be able to explore woodworking, jewelry and even photography as these classes are not offered in every school. I am forever grateful for Mrs. Nancy Turek and Mr. Jerry Hochberg for their guidance. Interestingly, I recently that Mr. Hochberg and I both attended the university, Pratt Institute.

    ISB is thrilled to see the success of this artistic Panther.  For a closer look, please visit Ping’s website at this link.

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