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    The Grade 7 Social Media Takeover is a result of a collaborative partnership between Middle School English teachers and the ISB Marketing team. The project is an enhanced unit in which students have learned about the important structures and writing for authentic audiences - resulting in the chance to be published live on the school’s website and through social media channels.


    From Classroom to Coral Reefs: International School Bangkok's Hands-On Approach to Learning

    Written by Emaline in collaboration with ISB Marketing & Communications

    As a community, International School Bangkok (ISB) seeks ways to help students learn that they can make a difference in the world's problems and have empathy for others. Whether it’s coral reforestation, discouraging shark fin eating, or setting camera traps for Elephants, everything makes a difference. The 7th Grade Trips are a great way to have the students do these things while showing many ISB values/attributes, including commitment, care, and global-mindedness. In 2021 Middle School P.E. Teacher Mr. Dyke started the 7th Grade Trips that are focused on the environment or service areas. During these trips, students have the opportunity to have fun, learn, and help out in many different ways.

    • beach cleanup
    • making mud bricks
    • baby shark on beach
    • planting seeds
    • friends smiling on beach
    • snorkeling

    Hands-on Learning Environment

    Every year, starting in 2021, grade seven students go on seven different trips. From Krabi to Rayong to Kanchanaburi and even here in Bangkok, students will take part in a number of different activities that are original to their trips. The goal of the trips is that through hands-on experiences students can learn about different ecosystems, the importance of biodiversity, as well as the impact of human activity on the environment. For three days, students experience different activities like snorkeling, birdwatching, trash cleanups, cycling, elephant observation, and learning about a number of different topics. While doing these things, students not only have the opportunity to connect with peers and have fun, but they are also in a safe learning environment. There are many precautions taken before and during the trips to ensure students' safety. Before going on the trip, a 7th-grade student said, “I am really looking forward to having a fun time with my friends while also still learning about something I really care about.”


    Promoting Empathy and Understanding

    The trips don’t end when the students get back. Students partake in different action projects that can help fundraise for different organizations in order to take action and to make a difference. While on the trip and working on their action projects students are learning to be globally minded and empathetic. Through the trip experience, the students also learn to care about our environment and to help our world. An example of having empathy is the action projects. Everyone has to do an action project, but putting hard work into fundraising or raising awareness shows your understanding and empathy towards the topic of the trip. As Middle School P.E. Teacher, Mr. Dyke, said, “My goal has always been to get students to care about the world and then try to make it better, whether that's trying to have a meatless Monday or having less plastic in the cafeteria or helping a shark or helping teach somebody English or whatever it is it’s just seeing that there is a need and that you have the power to actually doing something to help.” The 7th Grade Trips help students to see the world from a different perspective.

    • students doing service
    • student with pineapple
    • friends walking
    • students on birdwalk
    • students with pineapple
    • smiling student in nature

    Love and Adventure

    International School Bangkok aims to help students make a difference in the world. We strive to promote a long-term understanding, empathy, and global-mindedness that may help students to continue trying to make the world a better place. ISB’s 7th Grade Trips are an excellent way to do this while connecting with others, having fun, and being in a safe environment. These trips foster a love for adventure and promote a different view of the world.

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