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    The Grade 7 Social Media Takeover is a result of a collaborative partnership between Middle School English teachers and the ISB Marketing team. The project is an enhanced unit in which students have learned about the important structures and writing for authentic audiences - resulting in the chance to be published live on the school’s website and through social media channels.


    Written by Jungwoo in collaboration with ISB Marketing & Communications

    International School Bangkok (ISB) is a school for students to learn, to have fun, and to exercise. During lunch, students play football on the field, they can go into the gym and play basketball, etc. To do these things, the students need energy, which they get from food. The food at ISB is always viable to consume, but also, delicious. ISB creates an environment where students are almost guaranteed to be healthy. 

    ISB’s Diversity of Food

    First, ISB provides food that fuels the students' bodies and minds, and prepares for the future of the students. ISB believes that all children should have access to good, healthy, and fresh food everyday. ISB believes that eating healthy is a requirement for the students' energy for learning and developing. Epicure is ISB’s food and drink caterer. Bernd Hartner, the area manager of Epicure, says “Epicure’s goal is to support [students] with a balanced nutritional meal. We offer healthy versions of Western and Asian delights using some of the favorite recipes from around the world.”


    Journey of Nutrition

    In 6th grade, students embarked on a journey with Mr. Barnes, one of the leaders in the PE department. He believes that nutrition is something everyone needs, and that knowing the effects of what we eat is vital. When asked about nutrition at ISB, Mr. Barnes talked about the importance of getting vegetables, fruits, dairy, protein, etc. According to him, the point of the health unit is to extend the understanding of what nutrition means. To make kids aware of what students eat. In 6th grade, kids have more choices of food than in elementary school. One of the things he stated was, “Nutrition is something everyone has to do, like knowing the effect of what we eat on our bodies, and the idea of what a nutritious diet looks like is important to know.” His goal is to ensure that students will make healthy choices in both the short and long term.


    The Adventurer on The Journey of Nutrition

    One of the students that embarked on this journey is a girl named Isabel. She is in 6th grade and is from China. She learned about nutrition and how to eat healthy. This unit helped her understand the basics of how to eat healthy, such as eating more vegetables and fruits. When she was asked how ISB's food is better than her old school's food, she stated, “I think ISB has more choices, more healthy foods.” She also mentioned how there are healthy options here that taste good. This unit in her health class helped her drink less sugary drinks. Now, she drinks water most of the time. Not only this, but Mr. Barnes taught her how to read the labels of the food she is buying. So, in the future, when she is shopping, she knows how to check for the calories stored in this food, etc. 

    Healthy Choices 

    ISB provides one of the most high-quality foods in Thailand. Giving them [students] a diverse amount of choices. ISB provides foods that are nut-free, healthy, and delicious. ISB educates the students to eat healthy, to balance their food, and give them a basic understanding of food and nutrition. Come to ISB to create a healthy future for your children, inquire here.



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