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    Graduation season is a time unlike any other, full of pride and possibilities. It allows us to reflect on how far we have come while setting our sights on how far we would like to go. Whether you are a student, parent, faculty, or staff member, we have all shared precious memories together as we’ve grown and learned together. 

    At International School Bangkok (ISB), Thailand’s premier International School, we honor our students' accomplishments and these shared times together in various ways each year. On their last day of school, our senior class of 2024 sleeps over at the school, signing one another’s uniforms and decorating their ISB uniform with the logo of their destination university (click here to see this year’s destinations). 

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    On the actual day of graduation, our ISB High School graduates wear ropes of varying colors, demarking their impressive accomplishments. They then pay tribute to their parents’ role in their success as they present them with roses during the ceremony. These are just a few of the special ways our community celebrates together; read on to find out how ISB commemorates its graduates.

    Senior Portraits: Celebrating Seniors Through Student Art

    Every year, we have a heartwarming tradition that simultaneously highlights the creativity of our younger students while honoring our graduating seniors. This initiative, known as Senior Portraits, involves our Elementary School students creating pieces of art based on each senior’s yearbook picture. The portraits are then displayed at the entrance of the school. This beautiful showcase not only lights up the campus but also celebrates the accomplishments of our seniors in a unique and meaningful way.

    The artwork, crafted by the talented hands of our youngest learners, serves as a striking and touching tribute to the seniors. It symbolizes the culmination of their journey at ISB, reflecting the creativity, growth, and community spirit that defines their time here. Displaying these pieces at the school’s entrance allows the entire community to celebrate and recognize the hard work of the graduating class, creating a cherished memory for them as they move on to their next chapter.


    Golf Cart Parade: Symbolic Recognition of Senior Achievements

    Unique to ISB, the Golf Cart Parade offers a phenomenal opportunity for the entire community to celebrate our seniors' achievements. As seniors ride their decorated golf carts around the neighborhood just outside the school, everyone comes together to cheer them on. This tradition began during the social distancing measures of the COVID-19 pandemic and has been so well-loved that we've continued it every year since.

    For each senior, this experience is a memorable highlight, marking their accomplishments in a festive way. It also brings the whole community together in celebration, fostering a sense of unity and pride. This beloved tradition has become a cherished part of ISB’s graduation festivities, celebrating our seniors in a fun and meaningful manner.

    Celebrating & Capturing the Memories: ISB Parents

    Parents play a crucial role in making graduation memorable for ISB seniors and their families. Each year, they plan a year of encouragement and celebration, including monthly 'Senior Treats' with themed lunches, banners with messages of love, and various events. Parents can volunteer with the PTA, Booster Club, or Senior Parent Committee. The PTA offers family photo opportunities, the Booster Club organizes an awards night and senior breakfast, and the Senior Parent Committee provides gifts and support like Graduation Announcement Cards and exam kits.

    One parent shared, "The Senior Parents Committee is as much for the parents as it is for the students! With our children soon to leave the nest, with some traveling thousands of miles away from home, we have created a support network for each other in an attempt not to overwhelm our children with our emotions!"

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    However, at Graduation, one moment that pays homage to the culture of our host country, Thailand, is bound to ignite emotions. In Thai culture, it is customary for graduates to present their parents with jasmine garlands, exchanging words of gratitude and blessing. ISB honors this tradition with the seniors presenting roses to their parents during the graduation ceremony - a private moment amongst the formality of the occasion. These moments and events foster pride and community, creating lasting memories for our seniors and their families.


    Senior Parade: Schoolwide Celebration of Achievement

    The Senior Parade at ISB is a joyful and heartfelt tradition where graduating seniors parade through the school’s halls, cheered on by the entire school community. It's an inspiring moment for younger students as they look up to the seniors with admiration and excitement, envisioning their own future milestones. Teachers and staff join in the celebration, recognizing the hard work and dedication that have brought these students to this pivotal moment. For the seniors, walking through the school one last time is a poignant experience filled with pride and nostalgia as they reflect on their journey and the friendships they've forged. Parents, watching and cheering from the sidelines, feel immense pride and joy, celebrating their child's achievements alongside the community. This event honors the seniors and unites the entire ISB family in a shared celebration of accomplishment and school spirit, reinforcing the bonds within the school and creating lasting memories for everyone involved. The parade is not just a recognition of academic success, but also a testament to the support and encouragement provided by the entire school community.

    Celebrating Excellence: A Commitment to Our Students

    In conclusion, ISB's unique traditions—ranging from the Elementary Art displays and the Golf Cart Parade to the Senior Parade and family-centered events hosted by the PTA and Booster Club—beautifully support and celebrate our students. These milestones mark important chapters in our students' lives, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and community spirit. We invite you to explore more about ISB and discover how we foster a nurturing, challenging and inspiring environment for all our students.

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