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High School faculty create a whole new program for departing Seniors


At International School Bangkok (ISB), student learning is at the center of everything we do. This is especially true for our Grade 12 students as we help prepare them for life beyond ISB. Awaiting them in the next phase of their learning journey will be a variety of steep learning curves that come with increased independence and the broadening of horizons. 


Graduating in the time of COVID-19

This final semester has not been easy for our seniors; the abrupt closure of campus, cancellation of IB exams, cancellation of celebratory events, and ongoing social distancing measures have all been unwelcome disruptions caused by COVID-19. In response to this adversity, our ISB High School faculty came together to brainstorm how they could support our seniors during this time and to provide additional learning opportunities that would meet their current learning needs. What resulted was an innovative program of over 25 workshops, created and offered by teachers in their spare time, that coached seniors in vital life skills ranging from investing and dorm-room cooking, to responsible credit card usage and how to manage common sports injuries.


For those attracted to more niche subjects, there were workshops on geology, card games and the US Presidential Elections. These popular workshops were enthusiastically attended by our seniors, and even a few adults were spotted eavesdropping in the background! Our ISB grads will not miss the Panther canteen as much now they know how to whip up Mrs McMillan’s carbonara in their dorm room!

Dedicated Teachers and Students

Our dedicated teachers brought their skills, interests, passions and positivity to this initiative and our seniors brought their enthusiasm to learn, commitment, a positive attitude and respect. 

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