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    Good school websites will outline the application process for you and will offer a friendly helping hand when needed. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start and understanding the application process can be complicated. Here are the usual five easy steps and some top tips to help you pick the best international education for your child in Bangkok.


    5 easy steps:

    1. Create your shortlist of schools (see our blog on Five things to consider when choosing an international school in Thailand).
      Tip: Ask a friend - seek recommendations from colleagues or impartial education consultants. Good schools may be able to put you in touch with like-minded parents who will give you the inside scoop on the school and share their experiences.

    2. Make the first move… it’s usually as easy as filling out a quick inquiry form.

    3. Take a tour. You’ll be invited for a conversation, an in-person tour or a virtual ‘360’ tour of the school. The Admissions team will take the time to get to know you and your children, demonstrate a good understanding of your needs and the suitability of the school to meet those needs.
      Tip: Ask questions! Good schools expect them, and School Leadership, counselors and teaching staff are only too happy to have a conversation or share knowledge to help you make your final decision. There is no such thing as a silly question. If it’s important to you, it will be important to the right school for you.

    4. Fill out application forms as quickly as you can - the top international schools are often over-subscribed and work on a ‘rolling’ admissions process, so will offer places to qualifying applicants throughout the year as families transit in and out of the school. Ideally, students will start at the beginning of the year or semester/term for an easier transition.
      Tip: Start your Housing research - this is usually the time to create a shortlist of suitable properties within commuting distance. Again, good schools can often offer advice on where current families enjoy living and can connect you with agents or the PTA who will tell you exactly how it is!

    5. Wait for the offer, accept your place and congratulate yourself on selecting, and being accepted to a great school. Now’s the time to get excited about the new school and start to make connections with other families and look forward to your new adventure!

    If you are looking to relocate to Bangkok and are starting your school searching process, why not contact our Admission team for more information about the ISB curriculum and our unique facilities (check out this virtual tour of ISB) and find out why we are and why we are the Premier International School in Thailand. Please see our website for more information about ISB.

    If you would like some top ISB tips on choosing an international school, check out last week’s blog “Five things to consider when choosing an international school in Thailand” or the graphic below.