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    IASAS (Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools) Cultural Convention (CC) started in the very first year of the organization with the first convention taking place at International School Bangkok (ISB) in the spring of 1983. The single event included all of the components of IASAS CC in one festival including music, debate and forensics, drama and dance and even included a Knowledge Bowl. These days the event is divided into three separate conventions attended by 70 student delegates from each of the 6 participating schools.

    IASAS Cultural Convention 2019


    IASAS Music at Singapore American School (SAS)

    The ISB music delegation traveled to Singapore to join a musical extravaganza that included choir, band and strings. Solo adjudications are performed by each delegate in the convention, with the highlights being the Friday night Showcase Recital, featuring soloists and ensemble groups from all of the schools, and the Saturday evening Festival Concert, where the festival orchestra, festival choir and festival band perform pieces under the direction of three guest directors. Congratulations to all of the musicians, singers and directors who represented ISB at this amazing event.


    IASAS Forensics and Debate at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)

    The ISB forensics and debate (FAD) teams traveled to Jakarta to take part in the 37th annual event. The competitive Cultural Convention offering, CC FAD includes Impromptu Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation and Debate. Delegates have at it in preliminary rounds on Thursday and Friday with semi-finals and finals taking place on Saturday. Congratulations to all of ISB delegates with special accolades going to Extemporaneous participant Zwe Latt who earned a bronze medal in the competition.


    IASAS Art, Dance, Drama, Tech and Film at International School Bangkok (ISB)

    IASAS ADDTF took place right here at ISB ably led by ISB’s Activities and Arts Director, Anthony Giles and his team. The event featured dance, drama and film presentations from all of the schools, and an amazing art display put together by the 30 IASAS art delegates showcasing hundreds of pieces from all over IASAS. A highlight of the event were the outstanding workshops that took place within all of the disciplines.


    All of these events showcased the incredible talent at ISB, as well as across the IASAS schools in the Southeast Asia region. Being a part of IASAS allows ISB students to have extremely meaningful and high-level collaborations with other high school students from across the region. Students also develop friendships that last well beyond their time in Bangkok, Thailand.