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    Intercultural Art Project Lets Audiences Make New Connections

    Belonging is a deep human need. We feel a sense of belonging when we are accepted and when we feel the freedom to be ourselves. Feeling like we belong is paramount to our overall well-being and adds value to all areas of our lives. At ISB, we foster a sense of belonging for our entire community. Inclusivity and diversity form the foundation for our community and our culture of embracing difference.


    Every year, we set aside a dedicated week themed with intercultural activities, assemblies, and experiential learning events that celebrate intercultural and global learning. This year, Elementary School art students looked at art and cultures from all over the world for their Intercultural Art Project, which was themed, ‘Cultures Connecting through the Arts’.


    Elementary students explored interactive art sculptures, which used sounds and objects to engage the audience and incorporate design influences from all over the world. Their creative work and ideas developed into a kinetic sound-sculpture!


    Inspiring Creativity and Learning


    Inspiring creativity and learning through play, students painted on bamboo, coconuts, and rattan to create unique and individual art pieces that would become sculptures. Their work has been influenced by a selection of great artists from around the world, whose work is linked by the common use of lines, circles, and dots.


    The art installation is constantly evolving as more pieces are added to it. It is a fantastic community art piece that encourages audiences to participate, as they create and enjoy a glorious cacophony of sound while celebrating the work of our young artists.


    The primary role of the Arts is to communicate with one another through creative expression. Where different languages create barriers between cultures, the Arts can help us break through those barriers. The kinetic sound sculpture created by our elementary students is a wonderful example of this connectedness. Through this installation, the audience is invited to experience a connection with art, with sound, and with each other.


    Watch our latest video to find out what our students had to say about art, why they love art, and how it brings people together.


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