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    Unmatched opportunities at ISB


    ISB delivers a comprehensive athletic program featuring top-tier coaching, unmatched opportunities, and some of the finest sporting facilities in Asia.


    Student-athletes at ISB are challenged to reach their personal potential and extend their learning trajectories, while further developing the values and attributes that align with our school’s mission. The coaches at our international school in Thailand are professional educators and role models who work to develop student performance as well as mindset. Our athletic  program shapes participants into respectful, resilient competitors with the skills to succeed both on and off the sporting field.


    Such positive effects can in fact be measured, thanks to the detailed feedback we receive from varsity players on their athletic experience at International School Bangkok. We issue an in-depth survey that allows athletic participants to rate various aspects of the ISB program on a 1-5 scale, and provide open-ended answers. The questions are tethered to our ISB Athletic Philosophy as well as our school’s mission and vision. We use student feedback to gauge our progress in these areas, and identify improvement targets for our yearly focus.


    Data from the 2018-2019 school year illuminated a remarkable trend. Student-athletes at ISB reported a significant overall increase in satisfaction, growth, and learning. Across all seventeen questions where athletes rated their experience (with a return rate of more than 90%), the surveys indicated positive growth in every category. This outstanding feedback from ISB students confirmed that participating in a sports team provided a path toward leading a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle while developing strong community bonds.


    Success begins with the right environment


    The coaches at ISB are among the very best in the world of international schools, showing dedication, knowledge and exceptional interpersonal understanding both in class and on the field. These qualities, combined with the application of our school values, form the true foundations of successful learning. We are fortunate to have so many caring, committed, passionate and experienced educators working alongside our student-athletes.


    Athletic Director, Derrick Quinet, explained the philosophy underpinning the ISB approach. “Our athletic program is process oriented, not results driven, and we firmly believe that if you prepare with purpose, play with passion, and value the contributions of everyone, the team will be successful,” he said.


    “Simply put, if you get the process right, results will follow. According to our student-athletes, ISB coaches design meaningful practices, understand their sports well, nurture trust, and create a positive, respectful environment for learning. We are grateful for the time our coaches dedicate, and we continue to look at ways we can learn, inspire, teach, motivate, and improve the experience of our student-athletes.”


    The Athletic Department supports over 100 interscholastic teams, ranging from the U-11 to Varsity (U-19) Level. ISB Panther Teams participate in two leagues; BISAC (Bangkok International Schools Activities Conference) provides local competition for the school’s U11, U13, U15, JV and Varsity teams, while IASAS (Interscholastic Association of South East Asian Schools) provides season culminating tournaments for our Varsity teams with five other international schools in S.E. Asia.


    ISB teams also compete with other international and national schools, as well as college and university teams. Team spirit activities offer support during and around the games, filling the community with Panther Pride from students, parents, and teachers alike. Community is an important factor at our international school, contributing to a welcoming environment during regular school hours as well as after-school life.


    Mr. Quinet emphasized the high spirits and energy levels created by the competitive atmosphere surrounding the sports program. “This consistent influx of high-quality competition translates to unequaled opportunities for our athletes, teams, and community,” he said. “Bolstered by our Boosters, supported by our community, backed by our outstanding building and grounds staff, and grounded in school spirit, ISB is a place where everyone loves to come and compete!”


    The chance to meet with new schools lets students engage in cross-cultural and cross-national activities. These opportunities in turn open doors to global communities and diverse networks that – as our ISB Alumni have confirmed – remain invaluable far beyond high school graduation.


    Supported by the Facilities

    Throughout it all, the facilities at ISB are maintained with the utmost care. Participating student-athletes enjoy the highest-quality sporting environments, from the best baseball pitch in Southeast Asia, to Olympic sized swimming pools and phenomenal tennis courts, among other remarkable ISB venues.


    Mr. Quinet agrees, “One of the first things you notice when you walk onto campus are the phenomenal facilities,” he said. “ISB is the regional hub for high school baseball/softball, featuring a beautiful purpose-built field, astroturf infield and natural grass outfield.” He also pointed to the school’s 10-lane, 50m pool for short or long course competitions, as well as its 25m pool for learn-to-swim groups and Junior Panther programs.


    In his review of ISB facilities, Mr. Quinet made special mention of the “exceptional multi-functional gyms, with our premier venue boasting a cutting-edge sound system, new sprung-wood floor, and two LED Jumbotron screens,” as well as the two full-sized grass football pitches, Olympic-standard 8-lane track and field facility, tennis courts, gymnastics gym and indoor rock climbing wall.


    “Day or night, three seasons a year you will find the sports facilities at ISB teeming with action and excitement because there truly is no better place to play,” he said. Thanks to the school’s exceptional coaching staff and well-rounded approach, student-athletes at ISB can use these facilities as a springboard for greater success and personal development in their own lives, long after the final whistle has blown.