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    On September 20th, 2023, International School Bangkok (ISB) hosted our annual whole school assembly to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace. ISB celebrates this event annually to promote peace and support the United Nation’s mission of creating unity among nations. Delve into our blog to see how ISB students are actively shaping the future of peace.

    UN Peace Day 2023: Actions for Peace

    First established in 1981 by a UN General Assembly resolution, UN Peace Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide. It encourages everyone to work together towards a more peaceful world. This year’s theme is “Actions for Peace,” underscoring the importance of not merely aspiring to peace but actively engaging in actions that will promote peace. It challenges individuals and institutions to take concrete steps toward resolving conflicts, promoting tolerance, understanding, and peace. 

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    Better Together through Actions for Peace

    At ISB, our take on this year’s theme was “Actions for Peace: Better Together” highlighting how we are #ISBetterTogether when engaged in Actions for Peace. This theme encourages each and every one of us to come together and recognize that our collective strength is far greater than our individual capabilities. By fostering collaboration, we can amplify the impact of each of our actions and bring about more meaningful change. 

    Our students explored this theme through the mediums of art, dance, drama, film, music, poetry, and storytelling in our Pre-K through Grade 12 whole school assembly. It was a free dress day with everyone encouraged to wear bright colors to celebrate our diversity as a learning community and our solidarity with others seeking peace around the world.

    One concept highlighted in the assembly was that of sustainability as an action for peace. For example, Elementary School students led the whole school in singing “The Three R’s” by Jack Johnson with the rest of the school joining in with the three accompanying movements for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There is nothing quite as collaborative or powerful as singing together as one.

    Nurturing Peaceful Global Leaders

    Education plays a pivotal role in nurturing the global leaders of tomorrow, and the UN Peace Day assembly at ISB highlighted this truth. By providing a platform for students to engage with the theme "Actions for Peace," the event empowered young minds with the knowledge and skills to be advocates for change. It demonstrated that education isn't merely about acquiring knowledge but also about instilling values, fostering empathy, and inspiring action. The assembly served as a powerful reminder that when diverse voices come together in pursuit of a common goal – peace – incredible things can happen. 

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    "Actions for Peace" aligns seamlessly with ISB's mission and values. Our commitment to promoting global citizenship and fostering cross-cultural understanding has always emphasized the importance of action in building a more peaceful world. ISB students, representing over 60 nationalities, learn not only the significance of peace but also the responsibility to actively work towards it. This theme resonates with our dedication to empowering our students to be proactive, compassionate, and engaged citizens of the world. It reinforces our belief that education plays a pivotal role in equipping the next generation with the tools and values needed to be catalysts for positive change and advocates for peace.

    With a diverse, inclusive environment and a commitment to peace education, ISB provides the ideal platform to cultivate the skills and values necessary to be a global leader for a more harmonious world. Inquire today to find out more about the education ISB provides and how we prepare global leaders.

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