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    Investing in Better Air Quality

    Over the past years, we have seen a seasonal rise in the level of air pollution experienced in the winter months. To ensure the health and safety of our community at International School Bangkok (ISB) within the winter months but also throughout the year, ISB has invested over 20 million baht in air purification systems throughout our school campus, which is based in the green area of Nichada Thani.


    Tried and Tested Solutions

    In partnership with expert consultants and following rigorous testing, the decision was taken to install positive pressure filtration systems across the school. All Early Childhood and Elementary School classrooms have been fitted with air filtration systems and installation into the Middle School and High Schools classrooms will be completed within January 2020. These systems provide filtered fresh air into classrooms and prevent polluted air from entering rooms when doors are opened. Large spaces such as gymnasiums, libraries and our health clinic are also being installed with this technology and receive regularly maintenance and filter upgrades.


    Through various monitors on campus, ISB measures PM2.5, PM10, CO2, temperature and humidity. An online dashboard provides real-time data for each classroom. In addition to monitoring indoor air quality, we track outdoor conditions with an advanced Thermal Fisher ADR 1500 air quality monitor that feeds air quality readings and other data to our website to inform our whole community.


    ISB worked with the Founder of Environment Assured, Charlie Thompson, who stated that, “Beyond reducing PM2.5 to near undetectable levels, we are controlling carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity to create healthy classrooms that are better for learning and teaching every day of the year. The monitoring results show that ISB is a world-leading example, not just a regional innovator, in creating safe and healthy indoor learning environments. ISB’s clear vision, commitment to strict standards and data-based decisions have been instrumental in this achievement.”


    Air Quality Guidelines

    This technology works alongside carefully developed and well-defined Air Quality Guidelines which adjust school activities as needed based on pollution levels; we are constantly adjusting what we do to ensure that our children are safe and healthy.


    Through engaging global expertise and the latest technology, ISB has an ongoing commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, parents, staff and our entire community. 


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