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    In normal times, ISB Alumni are able to schedule many events over the course of a school year.  Topping the list, of course, is the ISB Network Alumni Association reunion sponsored every two years in the United States. This is always a large, raucous, well-attended reunion that ISB alumni look forward to with much anticipation.While most of the ISB alumni attending this event are ISBers from the 60s, 70s and 80s, the Network, in conjunction with ISB, is always looking for ways to increase its popularity with alumni from the 90s and beyond. As must be obvious, this great event originally scheduled for July of 2020 in Tucson, Arizona was postponed due to the pandemic. However,  in July 2021, the ISB Network Alumni Association's reunion will take place as scheduled from July 23-25 at the Hilton El Conquistador Hotel in Tucson, Arizona. For more information click here

    ISB Network Reunion Photo

    Alumni Events in Bangkok

    Feature-AlumnieIn Bangkok, the past few years there have been numerous alumni reunion events that have taken place in December. These include a ten-year reunion for the Class of 2008 that was held in December of 2018, and a similar ten-year event for the Class of 2009 that was held in December of 2019. Both of these reunions featured on-campus activities and off-campus dinner on Friday night, and an additional off-campus dinner on Saturday evening. Both reunions were very well attended with many alumni flying into Thailand to take part in the festivities. These successful alumni reunions were so encouraging that the ISB Class of 2010 planned a ten-year reunion in Bangkok, while the Class of 2000 was in the midst of planning its 20th reunion. Both of these events had reserved December of 2020 dates, which naturally were put on hold due to the pandemic.

    Other alumni events in Bangkok include a Sports Day held in conjunction with other international schools and an Intra-School Alumni Social event.  Outside of Thailand the ISB Head of School, Dr. Andrew Davies, as well as our College Counselors, have annually sponsored alumni get-togethers when traveling abroad to visit schools and universities around the world.  

    Sadly, all of our regular events had to be postponed on account of the COVID-19 pandemic and we have greatly missed reconnecting with our alumni in person.

    Alumni Reunions in the time of COVID

    So, you might ask, what have ISB alumni groups been able to do in this time of COVID?  In short, the answer is what groups world-wide have been doing during these unsettling times: ZOOM meetings.  Perhaps the most active ISB alumnus during the pandemic has been Janet Lowe Craven. Janet attended ISB through 1980 (her junior year), and while she did not graduate from ISB (she spent her senior year in the U.S.), she is an ISBer through-and-through. In the past year or so she has organized and participated in countless ISB Zoom get-togethers, both “women only” Zooms that are dubbed “Siam Sisters,” as-well-as coed meetings with ISB alumni from many different graduating classes. These are fantastic endeavors and ISB salutes Janet Lowe Craven for her resourcefulness and her love for ISB, Bangkok and Thailand.

    Another group that met via Zoom was the ISB Girls’ Varsity Soccer team from 2001, a team that earned IASAS honors by winning the gold medal in a memorable tournament hosted at ISB. It was remarkable that of the 16 ISB IASAS team members, 12 were able to attend this wonderful get-together.  As is the case with nearly all Zoom meetings with participants from all over the planet, finding a suitable time is very problematic. In the case of the girls’ soccer team, some of the team members were waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning on the west coast of the U.S., while others in Japan were trying to stay awake past 11:00pm.  

    Staying Connected

    We remain hopeful that we will be able to reunite in person again soon, through ISB alumni events both in Thailand and worldwide. Until then, if you are interested in hosting or organizing an ISB Zoom Reunion, and need our support to connect with fellow ISB panthers, please feel free to contact Harold Albert, ISB Alumni Coordinator at