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    ISB Alumni Highlight – Allison Kalis Nason

    A buzz word we often encounter in contemporary education is STEM. STEM is a curriculum that approaches science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a way that is both interdisciplinary and applied. The recent inclusion of the Arts (STEAM) adds to the powerful intersection of all these disciplines in guiding student inquiry, critical thinking and overall learning and personal progress.


    Women in STEM

    Globally, it has been acknowledged that girls and women can often be underrepresented and undervalued with STEM in educational settings and STEM in careers. Thankfully a number of inspirational and pioneering women working in this field are clearing a path for other women to follow. International School Bangkok (ISB) Alum, Allison Kalis Nason is one of these women.


    Who Is Allison Kalis Nason

    Allison and her family came to ISB in 1984. Her Father, Ron was the much-loved high school Vice-Principal from 1984 until 2000. Her Mother, Barbara was an ESL teacher-extraordinaire until 2016 while her brother, Christopher is currently a lawyer in Bangkok having graduated from ISB in 1998. As a student Allison excelled in science and math, participated in soccer, basketball and softball throughout her high school years and still found time to write for the school newspaper, The International. As an athlete Allison represented ISB in twelve IASAS tournaments – no small feat – winning championships in both girls’ soccer and softball.


    Following her graduation in 1999, Allison entered Santa Clara University where she earned her B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Dynamics and Control. Frequently the only female student in her Engineering and Mathematics classes, Allison was not deterred in the slightest. Upon graduation in 2005 she was recruited into a much sought-after position with Lockheed Martin, the US-based global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company.


    During her time at Lockheed Martin Allison worked in technical mission planning, systems engineering and later as a Systems Engineer Leader, performing her highly technical duties with exceptional expertise. In 2018, she moved to Waymo LLC, a self-driving technology company where she currently works as a Program Manager. Along the way Allison did not neglect her personal life. In 2013 she married Isaac Nason with who she has two beautiful boys, Gary (6) and Bennett (3).


    “I am proud to have both known Allison since she was a little girl and to have been her soccer coach in high school, and prouder yet that I can call the entire Kalis family my dearest of friends. But this in some ways pales with how proud I am of what she has accomplished in her professional career,” shared ISB Alumni Coordinator, Harold Albert.


    Allison Kalis Nason lived the values and attributes we aim to instil in our learners at ISB on a daily basis. Allison showed courage and commitment in pursuit of her goals while maintaining balance in her life. She was value-driven, self-managing and adaptable, beating the odds by pursuing an education and profession in Engineering. She stands proudly as an ISB role model for girls and women of the 21st century.