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    ISB Alumni share messages of Support

    In support of Thailand’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, the International School Bangkok (ISB) campus has been closed since March. In the meantime, the learning has continued through ISB’s Virtual School. Our dedicated faculty have been supporting our students remotely, providing quality online learning until our school community can come together again. 

    While teachers and staff were prepared to move to digital school, the transition has been a challenging one for the whole community. With the combination of the global impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic and social and physical distancing, it has understandably been a difficult time for many. Our ISB Alumni wanted to offer their support to our community and send messages and comments of encouragement to our teachers, some of whom taught them back in the day. They also shared fond memories and positive messages about what ISB had meant for them.

    A heartfelt message

    One alumnus, Dr. Monica Khanna from the ISB Class of 1991, was particularly eloquent in her praise of ISB and ISB teachers. After leaving ISB, Monica returned to India where she completed her B.A, M.A, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in English Literature. She is currently working as Associate Professor at Indira Institute of Business Management, and Consultant at DICE Ecosystem (Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship & Indian School of Design and Innovation). She has work experience of over twenty-five years in the field of academics as well as in Journalism and Business.

    Her passion for books, love for kids, and the desire to revive and rekindle an interest in the art of reading amongst children have been instrumental in her decision to take up writing fiction. She has published ten books including “Deconstructing Motherhood” (2010) which deals with the ideology of motherhood in Indian culture; “Peek a Boo Manya” (2016), a collection of short stories for children which attempts to create a familiar world to which Indian children can identify with and relate; “Re-Visioning Mythology in Indian Literature” (2017) which deals with the reinterpretation and subversion of Hindu myths in contemporary Indian Literature; and her latest releases “Misha Makes a Mark” and “Of girls and cars and boys and dolls” which revolve around gender issues.  

    Dr. Khanna’s memories of ISB

    “When I look back at the five years I spent at ISB, I cannot help but recall those as the most beautiful and formative years of my life. I changed eight schools, but ISB left an indelible mark that has stayed with me all along. If I can soar in the sky today, it is only because ISB gave me the wings to fly. If I am an author of ten published books, it is because I opted for Creative Writing in school where my first stories were written and appreciated. If I train students and teachers today and help them develop confidence, it is because ISB gave me the first-ever opportunity to speak on a public platform when I gave the valedictorian speech for the early graduating batch. If I write a weekly column for a newspaper today, it is because my journalism classes at ISB helped me to refine my writing skills. If I am an academician and researcher today, it is because research skills were inculcated at ISB from an early age, and reinforced over the years.  If I am a teacher today, it is because I took my first tuitions at ISB. If I teach French today, it is because I fell in love with the language at ISB.  I am indebted to ISB not merely for my professional growth, but also for the person I am. Being in an international environment with students and teachers from diverse cultures helped me to develop empathy and acceptance. While we may be different from each other on account of nationality, language, beliefs, practices and religion, what unites us is humanity. ISB helped me to find the religion of humanity which I follow today – and for that I am and will be eternally grateful.” 

    Sharing our gratitude

    The entire ISB community is thankful for its teachers, staff, students and parents as they continue to ensure that learning continues through these unusual and stressful times.  Thank you to our Alumni who continue to stay connected and supportive of ISB during this time.

    Dr Monica Khanna with Ms Umemoto

    Monica Khanna 1991

    [ Monica Khanna’s graduation photo (1991) and pictured today with her daughter and her ISB mentor, Ms. Diane Umemoto]


    [ Monica Khanna’s graduation photo (1991) and pictured today with her daughter and her ISB mentor, Ms. Diane Umemoto]