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    ISB awarded a US$ 494 000 grant from the U.S. Embassy

    This year, International School Bangkok (ISB) was awarded a US $494,000 grant as part of the U.S. Embassy Soft Target Grant for International Schools program to further enhance safety and security on campus.


    History with the U.S. Embassy

    ISB has enjoyed a long and proud history alongside the U.S. Embassy in Thailand. Our extended partnership began in 1951, when the school’s first campus opened on Embassy grounds. Since then, ISB’s continued growth and success have come with the help of a number of generous grants over the years. This assistance has helped to add to and maintain our world-class learning programs, facilities and security systems, so that ISB remains fully equipped to serve its students, families, and the wider community.


    Since 2003, ISB has also been awarded grants from the U.S. Embassy to an accumulative value of US$ 430 000. These grants have been used for various purposes to help make ISB the school it is today. As examples, since 2004, funds have been used to support the hiring of additional school psychologists, counselors and learning support professionals. Grants have also been used for upgrades to our PA and CCTV systems, as well as for upgrades in our technology in the classrooms. One of these grants is awarded annually to the value of US$ 50 000 to support with various learning initiatives and staff training in key areas.


    Safety and Security at ISB

    ISB has a dedicated and well trained team of security officers. They cover:


    We take every opportunity to incorporate best practices in regards to safety and security and to incorporate technology and systems to support their role. This year’s grant funding is specifically allocated for extensive system upgrades to our CCTV and Electronic Access Control systems, along with integrating many other systems that connect with our ID cards. These features will further modernize ISB’s current campus in Nichada Thani.


    The application for grants is thorough and one must prove the justification for the request, clearly showing how it supports the safety and learning of our students and community. For a grant as substantial as the one received this year, ISB hosted various site visits from staff at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok as well as from Washington DC.


    “We were extremely pleased and grateful to receive this substantial grant from the U.S. Embassy. It will allow us to further improve our security systems and ensure top-of-line equipment is in place to support our team in their efforts,” shared Mark Hevland, Director of Risk Management at ISB.


    “My office looks forward to our continued partnership with ISB,”  shared the Regional Security Officer, U.S. Embassy Bangkok


    ISB is fortunate and grateful for the ongoing support of the U.S. Embassy, which allows us to ensure we can offer a safe and secure learning environment for our students and our entire community.