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    One of the many ways to enhance your experience with the International School Bangkok (ISB) is to fully immerse yourself in the community. Many of our families find that the choice to live in Nichada Thani offers them the best opportunity to build connections with other families and to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Located conveniently close to the ISB campus, Nichada Thani has facilities and activities for parents and kids and offers a lifestyle unmatched in Bangkok.

    Being a part of a community of like-minded individuals, many of whom have children who also attend ISB, means you and your family can have a smooth transition into Thailand, if you are new to the country, and to the broader ISB community.

    Take an active role in your children’s education

    One of the benefits of being located so close to your children’s school is the ease in which you can engage with them in their academic and school activities. Nichada Thani is only a short walk, bike ride or golf cart rideaway from the ISB campus, which makes it easy to stay connected with what’s going on at school, join parent sessions, events and more.

    Activities for kids

    ISB, and our parent groups, provide for ample activities after school and on the weekend for students, and for parents! Being so close to the campus allows your children to fill their weekend with the activities they love, while also living close to their classmates in the community.

    ISB offers an array of clubs and activities your children can choose to participate in, with a full list of them available here. Outside of organized activities, the scenic surroundings  of both the ISB campus and the community of Nichada Thani provide endless opportunities for outdoor activities like cycling, walking, tennis, swimming and golf.

    By choosing to live in the Nichada Thani community, your child will have easy access to all of these incredible experiences - all within walking distance from your home.

    Activities for parents and access to ISB facilities

    It’s important to consider your own personal happiness at this time as well - though transitioning to ISB is a big change for your children it’s also a busy time for you, so make sure to take some time for yourself.

    There are many different clubs, parent organisations and activities available for parents in Nichada Thani, so whatever your passions or hobbies, Nichada Thani has an activity for you.

    Here’s a short list of some of the many parent organizations and clubs you can join as a member of Nichada Thani:

    • Welcome Wai
    • Booster Club
    • PTA
    • Annual events like Pancake Breakfast, Spirit Nights and athletics banquets

    Not only are you close enough to ISB to take advantage of their facilities, Nichada Thani also offers on-site gymnasiums, pools, tennis and squash courts, and much more.

    Nichada Thani is also home to other community groups such as the Neighborhood Nonthaburi Reach, After the Boxes and religious and cultural groups and more. These groups, combined with the activities at ISB, create a rich, supportive and dynamic family environment to live in.

    It’s important that you as parents lead by example as you immerse yourself in your new country or your child’s new school. Both you and your family can reap the benefits of work/life balance experienced by those who live in Nichada Thani.

    The many activities, groups and events available to your family participate in at Nichada Thani are yours to discover. Download the Nichada Lifestyle Guide today and make Nichada Thani your home. 

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