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    ISB Student Spotlight: Why Alumni Love ISB

    Looking back on her days as a student at ISB, Swati Randev-Verma, International School Bangkok (ISB) Class of 2000, said it was a “really big stepping stone in my life, and it really helped me understand who I am.”

    Swati has labeled her years at ISB as some of the best in her life, describing how ISB helped her discover what she wanted to pursue in the future. In class, she encountered and explored subjects like Shakespeare and Greek mythology. Beyond the classroom, she was in a book club in grade 10 organized by the High School librarian called ‘Gutenberg's Intent,’ while in grade 11, she participated in the Indian Club. 

    These clubs, activities, and classes at ISB enabled Swati to realize who she was, explore different subjects, and find her passions.

    This experience led her on a path to Bangalore University, where she did her Bachelor of Science and then her Master of Science in Microbiology before completing her MBA in Management at Aston Business School. Shortly after that, she began her career at PwC, where she is currently the Senior Manager for Corporate Sustainability at PwC in the Middle East. 

    Throughout her inspiring career, Swati has modeled our ISB values of commitment, integrity, and courage. She has shown she is value-driven and adaptable, and her journey is an excellent example of the diverse range of pathways our students take as they leave ISB.

    Multiple Pathways

    Swati explains that ISB was a fantastic place to be, given the significant exposure to different cultures and nationalities. This diverse community also means that students will have multiple pathways they can follow when they leave ISB. Our graduates have a vast array of interests, attend various universities around the world and follow different career paths that are unique to them.

    As an international school, it is essential to have a wide range of opportunities and subject areas to support this diversity, as well as have extensive university and college counseling programs to guide students onto the right pathways to achieve their aspirations - particularly because a pathway may change over the years. When Swati was in High School at ISB, she considered pursuing journalism and still holds a passion for English today, hoping to one day write a book, while she does incredible work in sustainability in the corporate world.

    Through Swati’s own success, we can see how balance played a role in helping her pursue her goals and dreams. An international and inclusive community like ISB, which cultivates the Learner Attributes of social intelligence and global-mindedness, provides our students with the experience and tools they need to be successful wherever they go.

    Our Students

    Our students and alumni - with their unique talents, ideas, experiences, and dreams - are what make our school what it is today. Their stories and aspirations offer a window into our community and our vision and mission as a school.

    We are incredibly proud of Swati, her achievements, and the life she has created for herself. She is one of the many alumni to talk so passionately about their time at ISB and how it has added to their lives. From the breadth and depth of programs to the connections formed and kept throughout a lifetime, ISB provides the building blocks for a meaningful and fulfilling future for our students. 

    During her vacation in Thailand a couple of years ago, Swati felt she just had to bring him to her old High School, show him what a great place it was, and share all her fond memories with him. It fills our hearts to see our students go out into the world, flourish, and come back to revisit the great years they spent here with us at ISB.  As we like to say, “Once a panther, always a panther.”