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    ISB Teacher launches Award-winning Platform


    Each child is unique, and each child is unique in the way they learn. At International School Bangkok (ISB), we endeavor to understand each child so we may deliver effective learning that meets a diversity of learning needs. An inclusive approach such as this can only be achieved through educators in possession of expertise and a commitment to helping students achieve at their highest levels possible. At ISB we are fortunate to have Learning Support teachers in each area of the school who do just that.

    One of these teachers is Philip Bowman, a High School Learning Support teacher nearing his 10th year at ISB. A learning support specialist with firsthand experience in managing ADHD, Phil’s dedication and commitment have transformed the learning experiences of numerous students at ISB. A true pioneer and advocate in his field, Phil’s lasting legacy in Thailand is the Special Education Network & Inclusion Association’s (SENIA) local chapter he co-founded several years ago.


    EdTech Award Finalist

    ISB is delighted to share that Phil’s brainchild, the MARIO Framework, has been nominated as a finalist in the learning support category of the 2020 EdTech Awards. A prestigious global recognition program, the EdTech Awards celebrate the impact that educational tools and innovators have in enriching the lives of learners around the world.

    Started in 2016, the MARIO Framework is now a fully licensed educational technology company providing professional development for teachers and schools. The training empowers special education teachers to create personalized learning support experiences that are measured, ambitious, research-based, innovative and structured around one-to-one learning. Within one year of publicly launching, teachers from over 30 different international schools have committed to piloting the framework in their classrooms. The MARIO Framework challenges educators to rethink the traditional formats of academic labs and learning support classes. Through the framework, teachers - who often work in a wide variety of contexts - have a flexible and modular template to create personalized experiences that fundamentally improve students’ toolkits, skills, and learning outcomes.


    A school for the whole family 

    ISB deeply appreciates the contributions of specialists like Phil in realizing our school vision of enriching communities. By helping students become more self-managing, adaptable and creative, our learning support team ensures ISB can remain a school for the whole family. We warmly congratulate Phil on his tremendous achievement.