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    ISB to Host Teaching Conference

    Inaugural ISALT conference highlights ISB’s commitment to language learning

    A crucial component of international education, language learning opens new avenues of thought and opportunity for the younger generation in our globally connected world. We wholeheartedly embrace the diversity of languages at our school as it allows students a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures.


    Indeed, International School Bangkok (ISB)’s core values include gratitude and respect, which are greatly enhanced by the study of foreign languages. In addition to encouraging our students to grow along these lines, we aim to embody these values ourselves as well.


    We believe that the best teachers of all subjects are also continuously learning themselves. They simply need the opportunity to share their ideas, and develop new strategies to meet their students’ changing needs. Continuous learning re-energizes experienced teachers, encourages and inspires the newer ones, and fosters a culture of personal and professional growth.


    The first ISALT conference – hosted by ISB

    As part of our ongoing commitment to language education and professional development in our teachers, ISB will soon be the proud host of the inaugural International Schools Association of Language Teachers (ISALT) conference on April 25th, 2020. The ISALT organization is a collaborative non-profit association that supports language learning for international students and teachers.

    The conference will promote language acquisition and global citizenship, enabling language teachers to help students reach their academic potential in a variety of languages. Having such an important conference at ISB is an outstanding opportunity for our teachers, our community, and ultimately, our students.


    Just as we preach the importance of experiential learning for our students, we also benefit from it ourselves. With keynote speeches focused on practical information as well as workshops and job-alikes, our teachers will have the chance to explore innovation and creativity in the field of language learning in an intensive, enjoyable, and engaging day of professional development.


    The event will feature an array of workshops for Native and Non-Native teachers in French, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Thai, as well as generic workshops for everybody. In addition, there will be a special workshop for all tutors of IB Language A self-taught courses.


    The ISALT conference is an ideal opportunity to meet colleagues from various international schools in Thailand and the region, as we form a network that strengthens the language programs in our schools.


    Please join us at ISB on April 25th, 2020 for a highly collaborative conference where we can come together, share ideas, grow as teachers, and ensure that we can provide the very best language teaching and learning for years to come.


    To learn more about ISB’s World and Native Languages Programs, click here.



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