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    One of the main responsibilities of a school is to prepare its students for the transition to life in the world outside. Many students need help and guidance through this delicate period, as they are confronted with the need to make open-ended decisions which could have life-changing effects.


    At International School Bangkok (ISB), we prepare students for these important moments through college counseling, career planning, internship opportunities, and extensive support and advice from our team of counselors. In the High School, we have four dedicated College Counselors and 3 social and emotional counselors. We then also tap into the wealth of experience and knowledge in our parent and alumni community through initiatives like our annual Pathways Career Fair, which provides students with insights and examples of career journeys of professionals in various fields. A number of leading companies also join the fair and offer assistance, advice, or examples of what “real work” in those careers may look like. Through regular opportunities to take part in interviews, internships and summer work programs, ISB students can gain insight into a range of career fields and study paths. This helps them to make informed decisions about their future.


    At the same time, our counselors help students learn the importance of adaptability, commitment, courage, passion and community in making study and career decisions.

    Our students benefit greatly from the opportunities available at our Pathways Career Fair. Gian Chansrichawala, Class of 2018, said about Pathways: “You get to talk to people who have been working in the field for a long time, and you get to ask questions. This is a very good, rare, valuable opportunity to go and ask directly about careers. It reassured me that I was heading on the right path. Career Pathways opens up doors you didn’t expect to be there.”


    He added: “I just wanted to say thank you for the door that this event gave me into the industry, and how I wouldn’t have been able to make the steps that I have without that support.”


    Olivia Scott, who also graduated from ISB in 2018, echoed these sentiments, saying: “I just want to thank ISB for organizing the event today because I was able to find an area and career option that I could pursue. As a student studying Geography, it has been hard to find a job that will work with my interests, but today I was able to find something of great interest. It makes me a lot less scared for the options ahead, and now I am also eager to learn more about the organization. Thanks again!”


    Value of career fairs and internships


    As an introduction to the professional world, career fairs offer students a glimpse into the types of employment opportunities that are currently available in a wide range of fields. Students can meet representatives of various companies, ask questions about the details of jobs that are available, and use that information to help them decide on a career or future course of study. Internships bring students a step closer to professional life, giving them hands-on training in the field of their choice – and showing them how ISB attributes, such as being adaptable and self-managing, can lead to great success later in life.

    At ISB we value our local and global community and are proud to host such a great selection of professionals from so many backgrounds, nationalities and industries.


    We hope you’ll join us at the next Pathways event!


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