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ISB’s Virtual Peace Day Assembly: Shaping Peace Together

This September, International School Bangkok (ISB) celebrated its first virtual Peace Day assembly. The whole campus came together to watch a live broadcast of a production created and delivered by a group of talented High School students. The assembly drew on themes of compassion and kindness from the 2020 UN International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21.



The virtual assembly was planned and hosted by our High School “Global Issues Network club”. By holding the event virtually, our entire international school community was able to share the experience together. Following the assembly, each class had the opportunity to explore the event's key themes in scheduled classroom discussions.

From Pre-kindergarten to High School, ISB students demonstrated how adaptability, care, integrity, and courage can help to actively bring about peace and apply our Vision.

The assembly included a dance video called Give Peace a Dance, by the Middle School Dance Team; a video showcase of the Elementary School Visual Art Project and Installation, Birds for Peace; and performances by our High School String Musicians, Grade 2 and 3 poets, and more. Another highlight was the “One Voice” compilation from ISB Community Musicians. Each performance and video added to the theme of the event while sharing important commentary on peace and compassion. 

Here’s what some of our community had to say:

What a beautiful and meaningful assembly!! Thanks so much for making this happen in our school.”

“Thanks for putting together such a meaningful assembly. Very impressive and clearly required a lot of orchestration of people.”

“ありがとう!Merci! 감사합니다! Danke schön! 谢谢 and 謝謝!ขอบคุณค่ะ! So appreciated the virtual but very real focus on paix/vrede/שָׁלוֹם and diversidad that today's assembly created.” 

Thank you for your hard work in creating such a beautiful program for our entire school. I had tears in my eyes - it was meaningful and relevant. Hearing the voices of our community, PK-12 and beyond, are of utmost importance always, and especially now.”

“Sooooo great!

“Really well put together and a positive message for us all.”

Toward a peaceful tomorrow

We believe strongly in the importance of the Annual Peace Day Assembly, which serves as a powerful reminder that we live within a truly global community. Although the event occurs just once a year, the values embodied by Peace Day remain with us for much longer.

Thank you for all those who worked to make this assembly possible and a success. Well done, in particular, to the Global Issues Network! 

Happy Peace Day!