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    International School Bangkok (ISB) had a delegation of three Grade 8 students at Yale University participating in the World Scholar’s Cup, Tournament of Champions.


    They participated in March 2018 in the Bangkok Round at which they qualified for the Global Round. In June, they went to Kuala Lumpur for the Global Round and there they qualified for the Tournament of Champions.


    What is the World Scholar’s Cup?


    As well as being one of the most prestigious academic programs in the world, World Scholar’s Cup is also an inspiring experience for every student who participates. All participants explore a new “theme” each year, one that connects science, technology, art, literature, music, history, and social studies. This year’s theme has been “An Entangled World” with topics centered around:


    Special Area – Human Relationships


    History – The History of Diplomacy


    Social Studies – Black Markets


    Science – The Science of Memory


    Art & Music – Braving the Distance


    Literature – Voices of the Inseparable


    At the Tournament of Champions, as at any World Scholar’s Cup event, teams undertake different academic and social challenges that require them to practice leadership and to hone and demonstrate important new skills.


    These challenges include:

    •  Team Debate (collaboration and public speaking)
    • Collaborative Writing (persuasive rhetoric)
    • Scholar’s Bowl (group problem solving, in a modified quiz bowl style)
    • Scholar’s Challenge (an exhaustive interdisciplinary examination)
    • Scholar’s Show (a fabulous all-volunteer talent show)


    Our ISB delegation prepared hard and have done an outstanding job at this year’s competition. While in the U.S.A, they also received a special invitation from the Royal Thai Consulate in New York to have an informal interview with some New York based Thai Media agencies. They cited our young leaders as being, “a source of inspiration for young Thai at home and overseas.”


    Well done to our Panther Scholars! See you back at ISB soon!