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    The Visual Arts Department of International School Bangkok (ISB) is pleased to announce that Jeff Ross will be at ISB for our first ever month-long Artist-in-Residency. This program has been generously sponsored by the ISB PTA.


    During his time at ISB, Jeff will be working with students in several of the art classes, running screen printing workshops, painting, and sharing his background and art work. It’s Jeff’s creativity and ability to adapt, his sensitivity to environments and materials, and his expertise with screen printing, painting, and street art that make him such a valuable contributor to the ISB community.


    Jeff Ross’ Artist Statement:


    I am a creator more than an artist. Everything around me is my inspiration. Bits, pieces, snippets, sounds, and feel all contribute as triggers, reactions, ideas, and results. My work comes as a product of where I am and what is at hand at the moment. Changing gears is a constant. I continually work on different types, formats and styles at the same time. Traveling around the world, taking the small roads, and seeking something new is the best source for my mind. Standing still or only making one kind of art is not an option.


    Ross was born in Wurtzburg, Germany and has resided in Germany, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, California, Washington, and Bangkok. Since 1990, Jeff has been showing his work all over the world, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Paris, Ghent(Belgium), Bangkok, Portland (Oregon), Eugene (Oregon), Bakersfield (California), Napa (California), Pomona (California), Alameda (California), New Orleans, Bern (Switzerland), Geneva(Switzerland), Liege(Belgium), Victoria (British Columbia), Denver, Boise (Idaho), Brooklyn NY, Atlanta (Georgia),Berlin, Mostar(Bosia), Vodnjan(Croatia), Belgrade(Serbia), Rotterdam(Netherlands), and Podgorica(Montenegro).


    We are incredibly pleased to have Jeff Ross at ISB to work with our students, staff and parents.


    Watch Jeff Ross on Khao Sod English

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