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    Every child is different - each with their own unique set of needs. What works for one student may not work for another. At International School Bangkok (ISB), we believe that families should have access to education that meets the needs of all of their children. An education that prepares them for life.


    What Is Life Centered Education?

    The word ‘Life’ encompasses so much more than what we sometimes know how to put into words - all of the ups and downs of the human experience. By its very nature, ‘life’ is an inclusive term, inclusive of the human experience in its many forms. Thus, Life Centered Education is a program that centers itself on inclusion - on cultivating and empowering all learners to succeed in life. 

    The Life Centered Education program at ISB is unlike most international school learning support programs. It goes the extra mile, providing intentional, comprehensive, and well-resourced support for students. With purpose-built classrooms, a high staff-to-student ratio, and a plethora of highly trained professionals such as a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, school psychologist, etc.; ISB is uniquely positioned to provide all-encompassing, individualized, and wraparound support for all young learners in our LCE program.

    Together, this results in a carefully crafted and individualized curriculum for each student. Focus areas include social-emotional skills, functional academics, life skills, sensory integration and more. Every student receives an individualized education plan that is tailored to their individual needs ensuring the best balance of individualized instruction in focus areas and integration into learning opportunities with neurotypical peers. Download our Life Centered Education brochure for more information.

    Importance & Impact of Inclusion

    We recognize the importance and impact of inclusion at ISB. We see inclusion as a belief to be embraced. Being an inclusive school allows each and every one of our community members the unique opportunity to have a diverse range of experiences that reflect the global population. 

    As a result, we are a stronger, more globally-minded learning community as we continually evolve in our understanding, knowledge, and practices. ISB is committed to embracing neurodiversity and successfully serving a limited number of students representing the full spectrum of learning differences - mild, moderate, intensive, and the exceptionally able. Our commitment produces a sense of true belonging for all of our students.

    We are now accepting applications into our Elementary and Middle School Life Centered Education program, submit an inquiry here.