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    Who is Nancy Chandler?

    For anyone who has lived in Thailand over the past 45 years or so, the name Nancy Chandler is synonymous with artwork that included greeting cards, maps and murals. Her company, Nancy Chandler Graphics, was established in 1974 and produced much loved items for well over four decades.


    Nancy, a native of San Francisco, first came to live in Thailand with her husband, Al, in 1969. She raised her family in Bangkok, and her daughters Nima, Siri, and Kim all grew up in Thailand, with Nima (1985) and Siri (1987) being graduates of ISB.


    An Active Part of the ISB Community

    Nancy was active in the International School Bangkok (ISB) community as she served on the school Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and on the ISB Board of Trustees. It was, however, her involvement with the American Women’s Club of Thailand that was the impetus for her to draw her first map of Bangkok. These Nancy Chandler Maps became ubiquitous and copies of such were carried by locals and tourists alike. Along with the aforementioned greeting cards, these works of art became much sought-after items.


    It was with great sadness that ISB learned the news of Nancy’s passing in 2015. Thereafter, after four years of hard work, the Chandler family decided to wind down the business of Nancy Chandler Graphics. However, they have kindly offered for ISB to retain the use of the beautiful Nonthaburi map, which remains extremely popular within the community at ISB.


    If you are interested in learning more about Nancy Chandler and Nancy Chandler Graphics, please visit their website at

    We at ISB feel honoured to have the Chandler family as ISB Alumni and Nancy will always have a place in the hearts of the greater ISB community.

    Many thanks to all of the Chandlers, and especially to Nima Chandler, who provided much information for this short article.