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    Once a Panther, Always a Panther - Three Reunions Celebrated at ISB


    Catching up with old friends and making new ones - that was the theme this past winter break as three different reunions were celebrated.  The Class of 2003 commemorated their 20th reunion with events taking place the last week of December, while the Class of 2014 enjoyed their 10th the following week.  Not to be left out, a contingent of almost 200 ISB alumni from the United States came to Thailand during the second week of January and organized a number of events locally, including a memorable visit to the ISB campus.  We love having Panther Alumni on campus and this was a particularly special time for everyone involved.


    Class of 2003

    Led by reunion organizers Vanessa Stoessel, Malai Tananone, Mim Koletschka, Nick Yeo, Agnes Valdimarsdottir, and Sandra Khananusit, a large and enthusiastic group of ’03 alums came to Bangkok to honor the 20 years that had passed since their high school graduation.  The group enjoyed a morning event on the ISB campus on Wednesday, December 27 that included an assembly, a community service activity, a campus tour, and shopping in the ISB Booster Hut.  This was followed by lunch at a local restaurant, Sweet Poppy.


    The next evening the group gathered at a wonderful Indian restaurant, Indus on Sukhumvit Soi 26, owned and operated by 2003 classmate Gaurav Sehgal.  As one might expect, there was delicious food and drink, emotional conversations about past days at ISB, a significant amount of catching up, and a great deal of laughter.  And, yes, there were even a few tears.  Kudos should go to the reunions organizers as nearly one-third of the ’03 graduating class took part in the celebrations, with special mention being made for all of the former ISB students who traveled literally halfway around the world to join their classmates.

    2003 Group at Indus


    Class of 2014

    To commemorate the ten years since their graduation from ISB, the Class of 2014 held their reunion events one week after the Class of 2003.  Led majestically by event organizer Yasuaki Jitusyama, the group had two events in Bangkok: a January 2nd dinner at the Araksa Tea Room and an afternoon/evening event on campus at ISB the next day.  Like the ’03 on campus experience, there was a superb assembly led by ISB alumni coordinator Harold Albert, followed by a community service activity, a campus tour that included visits to the new ISB recording studio and the amazing ISB Fitness Center, and shopping for memorabilia in the ISB Booster Hut.  Dinner followed at Vapor Restaurant in Nichada Thani.  As to be expected, there was an abundance of reminiscing, laughter, and some tears as the classmates reveled in renewing their friendships and reliving their days at ISB.


    2014 Reunion Group Pic


    Multiple Class Reunion from the U.S.

    A group of nearly 200 ISB alumni based in the United States came to Thailand in early January.  The group was organized by Maile McCroskie Busby (Class of 1967) and Lloyd Coleman (Class of 1972).  Lloyd Coleman, who actually attended overseas schools in Laos, Bangkok and Taipei, is a travel agent by trade, and he and Ms. Busby organized an extensive itinerary that took the group to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. 

    The main purpose, of course, was for the ISB Alumni to connect with their alma mater and see what’s developed over the years.  Since the vast majority of these former ISB students came from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, so much had changed in Thailand, Bangkok and ISB.  


    There were a number of events in Bangkok, but the highlights were the visit to the ISB campus in Pakkret, and the Gala Dinner that took place at the beautiful Anantara Riverside Hotel.  Nearly all of the alums had never seen the ‘new’ campus (in reality, ISB has been on its current site longer than it was on Soi 15), and they were amazed at the incredible facilities that they saw.  They were also incredibly appreciative of the heartwarming welcome they received from their ISB hosts, as the group enjoyed an emotional presentation at the opening assembly, were impressed by the ISB they saw on their campus tour, enjoyed purchasing ISB memorabilia at the ISB Booster Hut, and were treated to a scrumptious lunch prepared by the ISB cafeteria.  Perhaps Maile Busby said it best:


    “We were all so very impressed with the lengths that you went to welcome us starting with the Middle School’s beautiful performance of the King’s Anthem, it brought me to tears as I had never heard it other than as a bad recording in a public setting.  Harold’s address to our group was so well received and touched all of us as were the words spoken by everyone who took the time to be a part of your program.  The time spent gathering photos for the ending of the presentation was a delightful surprise.  Your campus never fails to impress everyone, and those who had never been back were left speechless. Additionally, a last thanks to the Jazz Band and staff for their performance at our Gala Dinner.”


    ISB Big Group in front of Zig Zag Walkway

    ISB always holds their alumni dear to our hearts, and hosting events like these is truly a special gift.  As we always say, “Once a Panther, Always a Panther!”