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    Through our college acceptances and IB results, you’ll discover how International School Bangkok (ISB) is preparing students for the future.

    As one of the leading international schools in Asia, International School Bangkok (ISB) helps in preparing students for the future. 

    “It’s been 20 years since graduating from ISB, but still today, ISB days are still the best days in my life. I would strongly recommend choosing ISB,” said Yuki Shimizu, ISB alumni.

    Providing exceptional learning opportunities and an atmosphere where students can really find themselves is exactly what we strive to do. 

    Below, we explore the ways in which our international school helps prepare students for their futures.


    Three Ways ISB Prepares Students for the Future

    The quality of learning provided to our students is of key interest to the community, parents, and prospective families. Ultimately, the goal of any parent when seeking out an education for their children is to ensure they’re prepared for the future. 

    Preparing students for their future is what we're all about at ISB. Learn more about ISB's efforts to help Japanese families transition into our community and how our Native Language Program will help prepare your child for their future.

    And that is what International School Bangkok (ISB) does. 

    1. Helping students grow academically 

    To help students grow academically, our curriculum is vigorous, meaningful and transferable in contrast to merely focusing on content knowledge.

    To be successful in the 21st century, students must be able to do the following with their learning:

    1. Apply learning to new situations
    2. Inquire to extend learning
    3. Create solutions 
    4. Communicate learning effectively to others
    5. Make connections across learning
    6. Reflect critically on learning 

    Students also need a range of skills, which ISB define as the Learner Attributes. These are being globally-minded, socially-intelligent, creative, adaptable, self-managing and value-driven.

    In High School, ISB has two paths of learning: the ISB High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP). With either option, students will take IB courses that have both balance and depth of content. 

    Students taking the full IB DP are receiving an education equivalent to many first-year university programs - this diploma even requires a mini-thesis at the end. 

    The High School programs teach positive learning habits, allows for balance and choice, prepares students for further study and provides students with the strong academic foundation needed to excel in post-secondary.  

    With a range of programs on offer, students can show academic growth in all areas. 

    “With these opportunities, students have access to varied and valuable learning experiences, we are able to adequately prepare students for the ever-changing world,” said Caskey. 

    Our Native Language Program is designed to help students seeking to study in English when it is not their mother-tongue language. To learn more about how your child can study in English and still maintain their native language, click here. 


    Academic Results at ISB

    In 2020, 25% of our graduates received 40 points or higher in their IB DP results, with five students receiving 44 points (45 points is the maximum). 

    The overall pass rate was 100% and the average score was 36.5, both well above the world average. Of the graduating class, 35 students were awarded a bilingual diploma. 

    Below, you’ll see the numbers for yourself. 


    2. Supporting social and emotional well-being

    To ensure the holistic development of our students, ISB focuses on social and emotional well-being, within a caring, supportive and inclusive community where students find a sense of belonging. We instill a number of values in students that serve them in their learning and in all areas of their lives. These are the values of: courage, care, commitment, integrity, balance, gratitude, respect and responsibility. Through health and wellness education, students are shown how to leave healthy, active and balanced lives. 

    Social emotional learning provides students with experiences where they can develop interpersonal skills, social and global awareness, goal setting and attainment, and emotional well-being. It also develops a focus on global citizenship, which is essential for students as they enter into ever-changing world.

    Learn more about ways you can help your child thrive at ISB, even with English as a second language, here

    3. Nurturing the growth of key values and attributes

    “We also develop in our students the values and attributes we believe are important to see them thrive in any endeavor in their life,” said Caskey.

    The rate at which our world is growing and the needs of citizens changing, requires schools to  be responsive in how they are preparing students for the future. ISB believes this can be achieved through the embedding of attributes such as creativity, self-management and social intelligence to support and enhance high levels of academic rigor.


    A Look at College Acceptances 

    By developing key attributes, developing personally, growing academically, and having access to various courses, students are not only prepared for post-secondary, they are able to choose the best options around the world. 

    Over the last three years alone, over hundreds of universities and colleges from around the world have offered our students a place at their school. 

    Schools where our graduates have been accepted include Oxford University, Berklee College of Music, Brown University, University of California Berkeley, University College London, Columbia University, University of Hong Kong, KAIST, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, London School of Economics, University of Melbourne, McGill University, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island School of Design, Stanford University, St. George’s Hospital Medical School London, USC, Yonsei University, and Waseda University.

    If you’re looking for an international school that puts tremendous effort into preparing students for the future, consider applying to ISB.


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