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    At International School Bangkok, success is not only celebrated but is also embraced with a unique tradition that resonates through the hallways—the 'Ringing of the Bell.' As our senior class embarks on the exciting journey of receiving offers from the world's best universities, this tradition takes center stage, marking significant milestones in the academic lives of our students.


    The Ringing of the Bell Tradition: A Symphony of Success

    The 'Ringing of the Bell' is a symbolic act that embodies the joy and accomplishment of receiving a university offer. It is a tradition that reflects the supportive and close-knit community at ISB. When a senior receives that long-awaited offer, they rush to share the news with the dedicated University Counseling team, based in the heart of the High School. This team of experienced professionals, serves as guides, mentors, and supporters throughout the university application process, over three years in the making.

    The student, accompanied by a sense of pride and achievement, is invited to ring a bell—a sonorous proclamation, announcing their success to the school community. This tradition not only celebrates the individual achievements of our seniors but also fosters a sense of community, encouragement, and inspiration for their peers.



    Excellence in University Counseling: Guiding Stars to Stellar Destinations

    The success of ISB's seniors in securing offers from the world's best universities is a testament to the exceptional guidance and support provided by the University Counseling team. Committed to the holistic development of each student, the team works tirelessly to help them navigate the complexities of the university application process.

    These dedicated professionals not only provide invaluable insights into university choices and application strategies but also offer emotional support and encouragement. From personalized counseling sessions to workshops on writing compelling personal statements or entrance essays, the team ensures that every student is well-equipped to present their best selves to the academic world.


    ISB's Commitment to Student Success: Beyond University and into Life

    Beyond the excitement of university offers, ISB is committed to preparing students for success not just in academia but in life. The school's supportive environment, diverse extracurricular activities, and rigorous academic curriculum contribute to the well-rounded education that propels our students toward their goals.

    ISB recognizes that success is not solely defined by the university one attends but by the journey of personal growth and discovery. The values instilled in students at ISB extend far beyond the classroom, guiding them to become responsible, compassionate, and empowered global citizens.


    Celebrating the Journey, Embracing the Future

    As the 'Ringing of the Bell' tradition continues to echo through the hallways of ISB’s High School, it serves as a reminder that success is a shared endeavor, one that involves the collaboration of students, teachers, and the entire school community. The senior class's achievements, celebrated through this unique tradition, not only signify academic success but also embody the spirit of resilience, dedication, and community that defines ISB.

    In ringing the bell, our seniors not only announce their university offers but also inspire those who follow in their footsteps. As they embark on the next chapter of their lives, the Class of 2024 serves as a shining example of the excellence nurtured within the walls of International School Bangkok—a beacon for future generations of ISB students to aspire to and surpass.

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