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    As host of the Thailand Cross Country Invitational, International School Bangkok once again shows that extracurricular commitments can thrive alongside academic excellence. Cross country puts participants through a true test of endurance that trains the body as well as the mind. Running on rough terrain for 5 km is difficult, but worthwhile as a character-building exercise; resilience and tenacity practiced by cross-country runners can show up in many other aspects of life, including academic performance.


    Our Thailand Invitational was the brainchild of two ISB cross country coaches, and has since blossomed into a major event for international schools in Asia. Schools from all over the continent come to compete in the mountains around Kanchanaburi, whose rolling hills allow students to experience and appreciate the natural terrain outside Bangkok.


    This cross country event, proudly hosted by International School Bangkok, brings a number of schools together. The field is not limited to IASAS teams but also extends to other international schools in South East Asia. ISB Cross Country Coach David Giles remarked, “The course is rugged, muddy and difficult. However, it is the personal struggle as well as the natural beauty that bring teams back here each year. The race weekend provides an opportunity for teams to bond with each other and share stories about their races. These friendships and shared experiences of running a true cross country course shape the memory much more than a finishing time or an individual race result. We hope that this experience will help inspire and build a lifelong passion for the sport.”


    Each year, close to 200 athletes from 12 schools come to compete in this unique and challenging 5km event. As Captain of the ISB High School Boys Cross Country Team Will Condra put it, “It’s a proper cross country course. We do a lot of road racing in Bangkok, but whenever we come up here, we get the actual experience of what it is to run a muddy trail …. The chance to just run against that many people is incredible.”


    The Thailand Invitational is one of many ISB initiatives that focus on developing a well-balanced educational experience that develops teamwork and character, providing unique life experiences through an enriching curriculum. The international school’s combination of academics, athletics, arts, and community projects helps students discover their passions, building friendships as well as a solid foundational skillset that can last a lifetime.


    For more information about the activities on offer at ISB, please visit the Activities section of our website.