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    The Grade 7 Social Media Takeover is a result of a collaborative partnership between Middle School English teachers and the ISB Marketing team. The project is an enhanced unit in which students have learned about the important structures and writing for authentic audiences - resulting in the chance to be published live on the school’s website and through social media channels.


    Written by Chen Chen in collaboration with ISB Marketing & Communications

    Did you know that International School Bangkok (ISB) has won the IASAS (Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools) tennis championship for two years in a row? Standing as one of Bangkok's top international schools, ISB has a unique tennis program that focuses not only on the physical development of students but also on the mental development of students. But what sets it apart from the rest? No, it is not just the 12 phenomenal tennis courts in ISB. It is not just all about relentless rallies and battling for the championship. It’s about learning from each other and creating relationships with friends.   

    For instance, the program focuses on not just the solitary part of tennis but also the team part of tennis. Like group training, doubles matches, and celebrations together at the end of the program. This program sees players' team values develop and students bond together as a team. It is a carefully planned and crafted project for all levels, from beginner to professional, to improve old tennis skills while also developing new ones. Welcome to ISB’s tennis program, where teamwork combines with skill, and the court becomes a platform for learning and bonding.

    Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    First of all, teamwork plays an important role in a person’s future and personality. In ISB’s tennis program, players get to know each other and work together to bond as a team. Group training, doubles matches, and celebrating together at the end of the program are all examples of this. Working together is also crucial in various parts of life, including learning, work, and personal relationships. In the tennis program, players get to build new relationships and make some new friends. As Neil, an eighth grader who is part of the tennis program, says, “My favorite part of the tennis program is how a solo sport is made into a team as we bond together. I like how I feel that I am part of a team as all the team members include everyone.” 


    Collaborative and Value-Driven

    Secondly, taking an example from Neil’s statement, tennis may be a solo sport but being in a team can boost people’s confidence and teamwork. The power of collaboration may be more important than you think because collaboration can help boost students’ values and care about other people. This is because players can learn from each other. Additionally, they can not just boost each other’s tennis skills but also build special relationships with each other, which promotes teamwork and care for other people. 

    Furthermore, not only do other players help each other with learning, but there is also a whole community of amazing coaches and supportive parents to support the development of student’s skills and attributes. Nathan, another eighth grader who is part of the tennis team, appreciates the communities and says, “My favorite part of the tennis program is when the coaches come and play with us and when I see [the] results of my training. I especially love how supportive the community of the parents is, always bringing snacks and drinks to the tournaments and always cheering us on whenever we have matches.” 


    Creating Lifelong Connections and Value-Driven Team Members

    In conclusion, ISB’s tennis program has many hidden benefits, including enhancing student’s collaboration and values. Furthermore, this shows how committed ISB is to not just enhancing students’ tennis skills and physical fitness but also helping students in the future with their new skills of collaboration, relationships, and values. International School Bangkok also has incredible tennis coaches and supportive parents who will all benefit and help develop your child’s skills, values, and attributes. Whether your child has never touched a tennis racket or has some experience with tennis, ISB can support all players of all levels. Join ISB to see all the benefits your child can have, but there is only limited space available for next school year, so apply today! 

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