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    Swing into Action: Golf Center at Thailand's Premier International School

    Written by Belle in collaboration with ISB Marketing & Communications

    The minute you step into International School Bangkok's Golf Center, you'll sense the excitement. The feelings of success will be all around you, from students and parents trying new things to achieving success. 

    International School Bangkok's (ISB) golf facility opened on February 19, 2020, and is fully equipped with six bays—each bay is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology that provides instant feedback. In addition, there is also a large putting green with Putt View software and a 200 sqm chipping green. 


    This facility is open every day of the week, 8am-9pm. Advanced booking is required. If you are an ISB member, the membership will cost 5,000 THB, but for non-ISB members, it costs 10,000 THB. You will also be able to purchase private lessons. You can purchase all of these on the ISB Golf Center website or at the Golf Center. ISB students are able to sign up for the golf team or after-school lessons. For after-school lessons, there are three time slots available Monday through Friday. Our Golf Center has more to offer than just state-of-the-art technology; there are also friendly staff and a supportive community.

    A Supportive Community

    The Golf Center provides a supportive community for all. With friendly coaches that will help you unlock your full potential. There are many opportunities to make new friends or get to know someone better. 

    In case you forgot your clubs, they got your back. They provide clubs for every student at no additional cost. The Golf Center is there to help students improve and also allows students to be their true selves. There are students all around you to help, whether they are watching you hit and providing feedback or simply joking around together. Students then develop the ability to be more social and friendlier to each other. These skills translate into the classroom, which helps provide a more supportive and safe environment for others and themselves.

    Kaneat Nimicharoenwan, the head Thai professional golfer, said that, "My favorite part of the Golf Center is getting to see kids improve, and I get to work with different kinds of swings, which helps me learn also."


    Commitment and Courage

    The ISB Golf Center allows students to commit to golf and allows them to be more courageous. Some students might be looking to step out of their comfort zone to try something new. The Golf Center is a great place to do just that, with people who are there to help you and a place to practice when needed. It makes it easier for students to commit to their goals, such as if they want to improve this much or something else. We all know that trying something new isn't easy, but courage is something that ISB values, so if you are trying to do something new, golf is a great sport to try. The Golf Center can be of use to every student.

    A place for everyone to come to learn golf and have fun because learning together is much better than learning alone; here at the ISB Golf Center, you can commit to a sport and be a part of a supportive community of people and coaches. The Golf Center is a part of something even bigger. It's a part of International School Bangkok's first-class athletics facilities and programs. Now is your chance to try out something new, step out of your comfort zone, and make new friends. Experience our top-tier golf center at International School Bangkok for yourself.

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