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    It takes a lot to make a school great - it comes with hard work and a relentless determination to strive for excellence in academics, activities, and a strong sense of community.

    All good schools will offer educational and recreational facilities and opportunities for students to excel, discover their interests, and ignite a passion for learning. Truly great schools will do all that and much more - creating those unique extra touches that give students the best possible educational experience as well as lifelong happy memories of their time at school. 

    Time to Explore #uniquelyISB Number 6 - Our Spacious Campus and Healthy Environment

    ISB students can breathe! Revolutionary clean air systems and luscious tropical landscaping envelop the most spacious single-campus school in Asia - with 87 sqm per student to be exact!

    Back in 1992, the Board of Trustees agreed that the school’s location on Soi 15 in downtown Bangkok, no longer afforded students with the range of facilities and space they needed. The search was on and a location was identified in the northern suburbs of the city - a large, open space within a tropical setting, which would give students every opportunity to grow, discover and thrive. 

    Fast forward thirty years, and the campus town of Nichada Thani has evolved into one of the cleanest and most luscious environments, surrounding our school with lush green landscaping, a network of bike paths and walking trails, and the promotion of the use of electric golf carts to zip around the community.

    ISB itself has also evolved considerably during this time, now offering unrivaled facilities to its diverse international student body. Every student has the opportunity to engage in the widest variety of outdoor sports and activities of any school in the area. During breaks and playtimes, students can enjoy the extensive outdoor spaces, playgrounds and shady spots under trees, if all they want to do is dive into a good book in the open air.

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    Clean Air

    Air pollution is a growing concern for many cities around the world, and Bangkok is no exception. At International School Bangkok, we are committed to promoting clean air and protecting the health of our students and staff. The impact of clean air on students’ learning is well documented by the World Health Organization.

    ISB's indoor spaces are protected by CleanFlow true positive pressure systems. The equipment reduces PM2.5 to near zero levels regardless of outdoor pollution and complies with leading public health recommendations of introducing filtered fresh outdoor air for safe and healthy classrooms. This month, ISB is further upgrading more than 260 air quality monitors across campus to continue to provide accurate data on our indoor environments, energy efficiency, and the control of carbon dioxide for high-performance learning spaces

    At International School Bangkok, we also work to promote clean air within our school community. We have implemented a number of green initiatives, such as solar roof panels, a student-led roof garden and a commitment to preserving energy, to reduce our own environmental footprint. We also encourage our students to learn about the importance of clean air and to take action to protect the environment.

    ISB welcomes applicants for 2023 and beyond. Please visit our website or you can send an inquiry directly to our admissions team by clicking here

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