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    Teacher Spotlight: Why International Education is Unique and Why Great Teachers are Essential

    The very idea of an international school evokes an image of inclusion, and building bridges across cultures. It suggests a special passion for education from a dedicated, global, community. At International School Bangkok (ISB), we embody this globally-minded approach to education with an emphasis on educating the whole child and defining the essential attributes and values we want every ISB student to take away from their time at our school. Combining these forward-thinking ideals with the extensive experience that our diverse group of teachers bring to each class and classroom setting – we create environments where students learn while they form bonds of empathy with people from different backgrounds.

    Our teachers strive to provide the best environment for students to develop, learn and grow. Through a variety of creative approaches to learning, teachers engage students through experiential learning that inspires curiosity and determination, while teaching them to be self-managing, courageous and adaptable. As an inclusive school, we recognize that meeting the needs of our diverse learners requires I a team of highly trained specialists that support students with their learning needs and collaborate with other teachers to create meaningful opportunities that engage and challenge every student.


    Excellence in the classroom

    A well-designed system of education and support can help children engage more deeply with their studies. But in the end, a classroom can only be as good as the teacher who leads it.

    A lifelong educator, John Hattie, researched key variables that guide students towards success, and found that good teachers are not only important, but essential and as he says, “I therefore suggest that we should focus on the greatest source of variance that can make the difference.” It is what teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in this learning equation,” he writes. Our dedicated staff at ISB are actively involved in developing each student according to their strengths, so they can achieve their personal and academic potential. Our entire faculty is committed to helping them find their way forward in life, as they grow into passionate, reflective and caring global citizens.

    Exceptional teachers love working with children, they see teaching as the highest calling and are dedicated to providing relevant learning opportunities for every student:

    ● They are creative and innovative
    ● They work hard to know their students as learners and people, they study their content and design intentional learning opportunities that motivate students while improving learning
    ● They are true learners themselves, seeking opportunities to improve their craft and become even better at what they do for students
    ● Their beliefs align with ISB’s vision, values, and focus on learning

    International education offers a unique setting where multiculturalism, world-wide experience and a passion for education can thrive – a community made up of teachers, staff and students from all around the globe.

    Bringing you the best

    By selecting International School Bangkok (ISB) students benefit from the vast and diverse experiences of the very best teachers from around the world. Our teachers bring original ideas and viewpoints, unique cultural insights, and a variety of effective approaches to teaching, in order to spark academic curiosity and personal development.
    Finding the right teachers and developing them through the ISB system is therefore our highest priority.

    When we recruit new teachers, we carefully screen every candidate for experience, proven success, collaborative spirit, alignment to our mission and values, and an attitude of caring for students through compassionate practices.

    The interview process is done in multiple stages. Initial interviews are usually conducted by the division administrator together with a team of other school leaders and teachers. There is often a second interview with the division team, followed by a final interview with the Head of School and Deputy Head of School for Learning.

    A dedicated team of administrators with years of experience screen hundreds of applicants from all over the world to find the best teacher for every vacancy. The “best” teacher is defined by an impressive array of credentials, together with a passion for working with children, research-based and innovative practice, ongoing professional learning, and proven success in inspiring learners.

    Through the interview process, we make sure that each of our teacher candidates embodies the core values of ISB. They must show care, responsibility, commitment, gratitude, courage, balance, respect, and integrity, not only in their approach to teaching and education, but in their personal lives as well. ISB is much more than a school; it is a lifestyle, and we want all of our teachers and students to feel this is a place where they truly belong – a place that they can call home.

    Continuous improvement and a positive environment

    With teachers at the center of student learning we make a special effort to support our teachers through professional learning opportunities that include workshops, course work, peer learning, and expert consultants and because we know that a healthy, active, balanced life is important for everyone, our professional learning program also incorporates wellness.

    ISB provides a highly competitive professional learning fund for our teachers, giving them excellent opportunities to continue their own education and training. Our school employs a Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning, whose responsibilities include promoting professional learning that aligns with all aspects of ISB’s vision, mission, definition of learning, and strategic learning plan. We also have several dedicated professional learning days to allow teams to collaborate for extended periods of time and participate in workshops conducted by our expert teachers and consultants, along with professional learning sessions that involve every member of our certified staff.

    As Debi Caskey, our Deputy Head of School for Learning, puts it, “ISB is known throughout the international education community as a place where teachers of the highest quality come to teach and grow.” We are immensely proud of our talented, dedicated and diverse group of teachers – and the joy they bring as they deliver an unforgettable education