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    Sarunrat Lydia Visutthithada Deane, better known in Thailand as Lydia Sarunrat, is an ISB graduate (class of 2005), as well as a Thai R&B idol and phenom. Taking singing lessons from an early age, she released her first album in the summer of ‘05. This self-titled album “Lydia” brought immediate success, leading the singer to be widely known as Thailand’s “Princess of R&B.” Since then, her music has consistently found its way to the top of the Thai charts, making Lydia one of the most popular artists in the Kingdom.


    In addition to her singing career, Lydia is also well known across Thailand as an actress and model. She has performed in many popular Thai TV series, while her work as a model has landed her on the cover of many magazines. Lydia has also worked together with Reebok to advocate for healthy living and fitness, using this platform to promote a healthy, active, and body-positive lifestyle. Her popular book, “Lydia’s Diary,” provides health and diet tips in order to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy for prospective mothers.


    While Lydia left ISB over a decade ago, she has never forgotten her roots. She and her siblings, Chayanon (class of ’08) and Sarunporn (’09), all graduated from our Bangkok international school after spending 13 years at the school.  Today, some 14 years after her high school graduation, she still looks upon her time at ISB as some of the best years of her life. Her ISB classmates remain some of her closest and most cherished friends to this day. ISB is very much Lydia’s family, and every time she steps onto the ISB campus, it’s like coming home.


    Why Choosing a School was an Easy Decision


    “During my search for the right school for my eldest son to attend, I had to visit many international school campuses. I always told my husband that ISB was the best school in Thailand and Southeast Asia, and my husband would accuse me of being biased. At the end of each of the school tours, however, my husband and I would always have to agree that no other school could compare to what ISB had to offer! Just the campus itself is already a winner.  It made our decision an easy one, and now our three-year-old son is attending the first Pre-K1 class at ISB.  I am a proud alumnus of ISB, and I am sure that in 15 years my son Dylan will be proud to be the same. As they say, ‘once a Panther, always a Panther.’”


    Lydia’s son, Dylan, started at school in August, as a member of ISB’s first Pre-Kindergarten class for 3-year-olds. ISB, as always, is honored to have a second-generation panther family in attendance, and looks forward to welcoming more to the ISB family in the near future.


    Congratulations to Lydia; her husband, Matthew; one of ISB’s newest students, Dylan; and new arrival, Demi – we are proud of you and thrilled to have you as part of the ISB family!


    Pre-Kindergarten at ISB now open for students aged 3 and up. Our curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. Our approach to learning is personalized and innovative. For more information, please contact our Admissions Team or apply online.