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    The Grade 7 Social Media Takeover is a result of a collaborative partnership between Middle School English teachers and the ISB Marketing team. The project is an enhanced unit in which students have learned about the important structures and writing for authentic audiences - resulting in the chance to be published live on the school’s website and through social media channels.


    The Ever-Evolving School: Courses at International School Bangkok

    Written by Sarah in collaboration with ISB Marketing & Communications

    Specialized Courses

    At International School Bangkok (ISB) we ensure our students' success during their education at ISB and even after [their time at] ISB by building on their pre-existing passions, embedding our learner attributes, and core values, and offering variety in our course options. These student-centered courses are held in high regard due to the many positive and beneficial experiences they have enabled for our talented students. This is quite evident as it can be seen throughout the many years ISB has been established and viewed as a great opportunity by the previously and currently enrolled students and even the future learners. 

    The Passion of Learners

    Since ISB is the leading institution in all of Bangkok, there are many different factors taken into account when it comes to our course [offerings], and how these will benefit our scholars. One of the main factors ISB takes into consideration is how the courses will ignite passion and build onto the pre-existing passions of our learners. Having various types of courses is the main way ISB can instill passion since there's a course for everyone. Strengthening passion at ISB allows the learner to find enjoyment in certain subject areas during their high school years, so they can go into their higher education with a clearer picture of what they would like to pursue in the coming future. This allows the students to flourish in university and college.


    “Try new things to really figure out what they like and what they don’t and hopefully that also helps them when they finally apply for university or college, which the majority of our students do cause they’ve experienced a lot of different things and kind of pinpoint more what they would like to study.” - The High School Dean of Academics Ms.McMillan

    Courses to Cherish

    Due to the fact that International School Bangkok is committed to nurturing our students not only in terms of academics but also their [development of] life-long skills that can be applied in different environments. We have ingrained the ISB Learner Attributes and Values [for this purpose]. This idea is supported by the assignments since the assignments are designed to be thought-provoking and encourage students to be adaptable, creative, and self-managing, which is one of the five learner attributes ISB values and cherishes. 

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    “I think a lot of our courses if you look at things like being creative, globally minded, adaptable ect you can see elements in all of our courses where students can be creative with their approach with the assignment.” - Ms. McMillan

    Innovative Courses

    The innovative courses here at International School Bangkok are just one of the many ways ISB strengthens our students’ abilities to learn by expanding their passions and nurturing values, and traits proven to be very beneficial for our students' future. This is why ISB cherishes our learners' passion for subjects and future pursuits.

    We have recently expanded our High School pathways to include Advanced Placement with even more course offerings than ever before to better support and prepare our students for their chosen future pursuit. This dedication to students’ personalized learning journeys is one of the main reasons why space at ISB is limited, so inquire today!

    Academics Student