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    Chris Hull attended International School Bangkok (ISB) starting in first grade in 1994, eventually graduating with the Class of 2006. He is now the Aquatics Manager for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC).

    “While my love for sports has continued throughout my life and taken me places I never expected, that passion started at ISB, playing on the fields, in the gyms and being part of various teams. While I now get to represent Team USA, and previously represented the Mizzou Tigers, it all started with being an ISB Panther.  Once a Panther, always a Panther!”


    Where It All Began

    For Chris, ISB and Bangkok hold a special place in his heart, he said, “There is so much to say about my experience and the opportunity that it was to spend my youth growing up in Thailand and going to ISB. To this day, I still remember and tell stories of those experiences every time someone asks where I am from and respond with, ‘I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand.’” 

    In his time at ISB, Chris was definitely a sportsman from early on. He mainly played basketball, cross country, and softball but the sport that was most important to Chris was baseball. He was a gifted catcher in the Bangkok Baseball & Softball Association (BBSA) in Thailand and represented the BBSA in many international tournaments. He also participated as a varsity athlete in 4 years of IASAS competitions in basketball, cross country, and softball.

    “It was ISB where my current path all started through being involved and competing in sports. From Reinsch field to Rajendra Hall (and running around them all), competing both locally in Thailand as well as throughout Southeast Asia with IASAS & BBSA, and representing ISB and Bangkok, were and will forever be something I have pride in being able to say I was part of. While Baseball, Softball, Basketball and Cross Country were those I primarily played throughout school, and were all but left shortly into undergraduate years, my time being part of teams, competing at ISB and developing passion towards sports made it clear that I could never be without them. At the time however, I did not know exactly where that could take me.”

    Where the Path Led

    After leaving ISB, Chris’ love for sports was evident as he attended Campbell University in North Carolina majoring in Exercise Science and Sports Management, earning his degree in 2010. Shortly thereafter he matriculated to the University of Missouri – Columbia where he added his Master’s Degree in Sports Management in 2016.

    During his time at Campbell, Chris entered and began progressing in the world of aquatics.  From Lifeguard to Head Guard, Meet Operator to Pool Operator, he saw the various aspects of competitive aquatics. After a brief stint in various roles following his undergraduate, Chris moved to Missouri to continue his involvement in Aquatics, first as a graduate assistant, and then as the University’s Aquatics Coordinator for Operations and Meet Director from 2013 to 2021. 

    Although he is now working in aquatic sports, do not think that Mr. Hull forgot his love and passion for other sports along the way. While his baseball career ended, he discovered a love for rugby and has competed at the club level in this sport for many years throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions with the Columbia Outlaws and now the Colorado Springs Grizzlies.  


    “Ending up in Aquatics and playing Rugby would not have been my answer if you asked me back in high school, but both are rooted back to my time at ISB.  Taking my very first lifeguarding course at ISB, I would have never guessed the path it would set professionally and I will never forget my first experience with Rugby at ISB, as it was very short-lived.  After going out for the team, my HS rugby career ended with a broken collar bone just weeks into the season, presumably never to try rugby again.  Fast forward a few years and I found myself in Columbia, MO at the University of Missouri working professionally in Aquatics and spending the majority of my time on a pitch. Things I wouldn’t have guessed in HS, but those that I got my first experiences with at ISB,” said Chris.

    In 2021 Chris moved into the role of the Assistant Director of Aquatics at the University of Missouri – Columbia, overseeing the Mizzou Aquatic Center; organizing and directing a plethora of successful swim meets ranging from high school, USA, NCAA, and multiple SEC’s Championships.  

    Where It Is Now

    In the summer of 2022, after a decade at the University of Missouri, a golden opportunity arose for Chris and his wife Whitney (married in November of 2019) to pack their bags, see the mountains and move to Colorado Springs, Colorado, as Chris was offered the prestigious position as the Aquatics Manager for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC).  Thus, in September of 2022, the Hulls began their new adventure in Colorado.


    Chris said, “After a decade of living in Missouri, being involved in club and collegiate athletics, an opportunity became available that I had to take a shot at. Aquatics Manager at the United States Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, part of Team USA and the Team behind the Team. Sooner than I knew it, I was offered the position and my wife and I were on our way to Colorado. Being part of Team USA, working with the highest level athletes in both Olympic and Paralympic sports, and being at a training center with numerous sports has been an amazing experience in just the short time of being here. From those that have already made it to that top podium, to seeing those up-and-coming with championship potential on their path, I look forward to the future in my new role.”

    ISB alumnus Chris Hull could not have said it any better, “Let's Go, Panthers!”

    Chris Hull Aquatics Center