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    It takes a lot to make a school great - it comes with hard work and a relentless determination to strive for excellence in academics, activities and a strong sense of community.

    All good schools will offer educational and recreational facilities and opportunities for students to excel, discover their interests, and ignite a passion for learning. Truly great schools will do all that and much more - creating those unique extra touches that give students the best possible educational experience as well as lifelong happy memories of their time at school. 

    It’s Time to Explore #uniquelyISB Number 9 - Students Come First in our Not-for-Profit Education

    ISB was the first international school in Thailand, and we are proudly - and successfully - not-for-profit. Students come first, with a substantial re-investment program boosting facilities every year since 1951, including 1-1 iPads or MacBook Airs for all students.  

    laptop class
    ipad classroom
    robotics laptop

    So, ISB is a not-for-profit school - but what does that mean, and how does it benefit students?

    As the first international school to open in Thailand, the International School of Bangkok has delivered an exceptional education to our students since its inception in 1951. From small beginnings as a private school housed on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy, ISB has since transformed into Thailand’s premier international school with around 1,800 students within our expansive campus, serving expatriates and local families alike.  

    To this day, ISB remains a nonprofit, independent, and non-sectarian school overseen by parents who are members of our school association and elected to our Board of Trustees. It is from this foundation of integrity that grants us the freedom to ensure every action we take is centered on improving the academic experience of our school community.


    In simple terms, not-for-profit can be defind as freedom. Best exemplified by our Vision, Mission, and Values, our status as a not-for-profit school cascades down to every corner of our campus and community. 

    Academic Freedom

    ISB’s not-for-profit status allows us the academic freedom to help our students succeed, and the freedom to reinvest surpluses into the school's development. This results in providing the best facilities, teachers, faculty, and environment with everything our students need to thrive.

    Our not-for-profit status means any surplus income generated from tuition, donations, or fundraising are reinvested back into improving the academic experience for our student body. In recent years, this has included a significant investment in a positive air system (no stuffy, stale classrooms - air is renewed several times in each block to help keep our students energetic and alert!). It has also included an elementary school Maker Space, a middle/high school Robotics Lab, air-conditioned gyms and fitness suite, plus new playgrounds and refurbished cafeterias. 

    makerspace classroom
    sky park

    Possibly the most significant investment has been the building and development of our Environmental Wilderness Center, in Petchaburi Province, which has allowed ISB to offer an exceptional and unrivaled Outdoor Education program, as well as a center for scientific research, retreats, and events.

    Our full financial reports and further information on the continuous improvements of our campus can be found on our website here: Annual Reports

    ISB welcomes applicants for 2023 and beyond - very limited spaces available for 2023. Please visit our website or you can send an inquiry directly to our admissions team by clicking here.

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