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    When considering an international school for your children, you most likely are looking into the facilities, the co-curricular activities, university acceptances, and of course, the curriculum. But doing so with English as a second language can be difficult. 

    Our native language coordinator has offered some glossaries - compliments of NYS Statewide Language Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network - which can help parents understand what their children are learning.


    What do the Japanese Glossaries Cover?

    The Japanese glossaries linked in the section below provide translations to commonly used terms for each subject. 

    By clicking the links, you’ll have access to a downloadable resource to help you have the words to better understand what your children may be learning at International School Bangkok (ISB) in the language you’re most comfortable speaking. 

    These terms will not only help you understand our curriculum, they’ll also help you communicate with your children about their learning and their teachers to see how your children are doing in school. 

    Are you interested in learning more about how a strong native language program can help your child maintain their Japanese, all while studying an English curriculum? Click here to learn about ISB's Native Language Program

    Use this Japanese glossary to further help your understanding of our applications process and discover how ISB helps Japanese families maintain their Japanese language as they transfer to International School Bangkok, here.

    Japanese Curriculum Glossaries

    1. English Language Arts
    2. Math
      1. Elementary School
      2. Middle School
      3. High School Integrated Algebra
      4. High School Common Core Math terms addenda
    3. Science
      1. Elementary School
      2. Middle School
      3. High School Living Environment (Biology)
    4. Social Studies
      1. Elementary School
      2. Middle School
      3. High School Global History
      4. HS US History and Government
    5. Guides of literary terms and devices for Language Arts

    Our library is full of additional Japanese books and other resources, all available to ISB students and families for free. 

    Learning at International School Bangkok 

    At ISB, we teach our students in a way that is both meaningful and transferable, where a student’s understanding is built through developing and applying knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  

    To instill this type of learning, we have a dedicated curriculum specialist on campus, as part of our Learning Design Center, who focuses on bringing the best opportunities to our students. Alongside our ISB Curriculum, we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP).


    Interested in an ISB education for your children? Click the link below to discover how to apply to ISB.


    Helping Japanese Families Apply to ISB


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