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    It takes a lot to make a school great - it comes with hard work and a relentless determination to strive for excellence in academics, activities and a strong sense of community.

    All good schools will offer educational and recreational facilities and opportunities for students to excel, discover their interests and ignite a passion for learning. Truly great schools will do all that and much more - creating those unique extra touches that give students the best possible educational experience as well as lifelong happy memories of their time at school. 

    Let’s explore our uniquelyISB fact #1, all about our unique curriculum.

    ‘ISB students love to learn. ISB provides a challenging and transferable curriculum based primarily on US, AP and IB frameworks for a multicultural and multilingual student body. Uniquely independent, our curriculum is informed by leading educational research and global best practices.’ 

    ISB is focused on meeting the needs of all students, and to support this, we have made a significant investment into creating a Learning Design Center (LDC). The LDC team continually researches and evaluates learning practices, drawing from major global curricula as well as looking at the latest thinking in educational development. Put simply, being uniquely independent, we can and do implement best practices in learning to suit the needs of our students, while also being mindful that many of our globally mobile students will not complete an entire K-12 education with us. This means that we use global ‘standards’ in education as our benchmark, constantly striving to exceed those learning goals and ensure that our students flourish equally at ISB or in their next educational setting. ISB is accredited by Western Accreditation of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

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    ISB is one of only a handful of schools in the world where the definition of learning itself is clearly articulated. We value meaningful and transferable learning where we construct understanding by developing and applying knowledge, skills and attitudes. As learners, we develop and show our understanding when we:


    Jennifer DeLashmutt, ISB’s Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning, is best placed to meet the needs of our multicultural and multilingual student body. Having worked in Hong Kong and both public and private schools in the USA and experiencing teaching based on US developed standards and Advanced Placement, as well as holding certification in Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood, Advanced Educational Leadership, IB Certificate in Leadership Practice and is and International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) Certified Educator
    . Jennifer is all too aware of the complexities and challenges presented by an international school, where students arrive with a wide range of academic experiences. 

    “One of the things I am most proud of is the fact that we are so well versed in global curricula, we understand how to support each child in reaching their full potential. Our curriculum is the opposite of ‘one size fits all’ - our goals are to create meaningful learning attributes which enable students to succeed academically and personally, but each student’s path to success is different. We adapt, rather than expecting students to conform to a rigid curriculum’ she says.

    A good example of this individualized approach can be found in the High School, where students are presented with a large range of options for study, with guidance of what is needed for graduation with a well-rounded education and foundation for the next step into Higher Education. Students thinking about US universities and colleges have the option of choosing from a wide range of courses, as well as valuable AP choices. They can also opt in to single IB courses to add additional certifications. Other students may choose the full IB, a two year, six-subject course (plus Theory of Knowledge and service) which is highly regarded by all universities worldwide. All students gain an ISB High School Diploma as well as opportunities to participate in leadership, activities and opportunities to represent the school in sporting, academic and cultural events across Asia. Imagine doing all that before you’re 18! See our High School Course Guide for more information.

    Students across the school can also access programs or be offered additional support if needed. This can take the form of EAL, 1-1 coaching sessions. Learning Support or smaller group classes. Our Life Centered Education program also caters to students with intensive learning needs.

    Take a look at the University destinations our students secure, along with our latest IB results.

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