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    The outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic rapidly impacted our daily lives and our regular routines. It made maintaining an active, balanced life - one of ISB’s key mission points for our students - challenging. For many in the world, this was especially difficult, for those that were based in Nichada Thani, the housing community around Nichada, this was a bit easier to take part in outdoor activities.

    Space to participate in outdoor activities

    Social distancing can be a challenge in a large city, with millions of people condensed in a small area, all of whom are trying to get outside and enjoy what fresh air they can.

    Situated away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok in a beautiful suburb, Nichada Thani is removed from the noise and crowds of a city, offering its residents a serene environment and plenty of fresh air during these trying times. 

    You can choose to participate in any number of activities outdoors, be it walking or running around our beautiful lake, biking down shaded tree lanes, or other socially distanced activities. During non-COVID times, this area is enjoyed by all as well.

    Nichada Thani offers a lot of safe, outdoor space which meant community members could continue physical activities outside. It also provided spaces for everyone to stay connected in unique and uplifting ways, like chalk messages on the sidewalks!

    A community banding together

    In these unprecedented times, the importance of community support has never been more apparent. 

    The community of Nichada Thani banded together and found creative ways to support each other, even from a safe distance. 

    People within the Nichada Thani community also organized fundraisers, prepared meals for healthcare workers, and helped stock food pantries for the less fortunate in our community. 

    The community was close-knit before the pandemic began and lockdown took place, but they continue to show even greater unity during this difficult time.

    To learn more about the benefits of our campus and community, download the Nichada Lifestyle Guide here.

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