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What To Do in Nonthaburi 

International School Bangkok (ISB) is situated in the Nichada Thani community in Nonthaburi Province. Nonthaburi is just outside of Bangkok city and is part of the Greater Bangkok Metropolitan. It’s a fascinating place that offers a suburban and urban experience, and that is rich in local culture and with lots of things to do for the whole family.

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Fun Activities in and Around Nonthaburi Province

We have put together a guide on some of the best things to do in Nonthaburi. Living in Nichada Thani, you have quick and easy access to these, or they make for a great city escape if you’re living in the downtown areas of Bangkok.

Here are some of our top tips that you’ll find in the Nonthaburi Guide:

1. Ko Kret Island

Ko Kret is a great little island with markets, pottery, coffee, and more!

2. Cafes and Restaurants
There’s a host of great cafes and restaurants only minutes from Nichada Thani, offering all types of cuisine and beautiful, tranquil settings!


3. Parks and Recreation
Get outdoors and stay active. Nonthaburi has great parks, running and biking tracks and trails, and museums and temples that are worth a visit.

4. Family Fun
From Go Karting to a restaurant with a fishing pond, there are many activities that the whole family can enjoy.

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Inside Nichada Thani

Our guide also includes some of the spots inside Nichada Thani and references the ease of getting to the best Nonthaburi spots from Nichada.

Nichada Thani offers a unique lifestyle; it has all the necessary amenities, and its gates open to the rich culture and authenticity of Thailand. Whether living nearby or looking for new places to explore, we hope our guide will give you a glimpse of all there is to see and do in Nonthaburi.

Download the Nonthaburi Guide here.

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