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World-Class Campus Setting the Stage for Student Success

It’s so good to be back! That’s something we have heard through from Elementary to High School (
check out some of our back to school student/teacher interviews)!

Virtual School helped test our communities’
ability to adapt and be creative in a challenging and differentiating environment but it also created some truly memorable moments illustrating how deeply caring and courageous our panther family are. We found new ways to teach, learn, and interact, and we all practiced skills that will serve us in other areas of our lives.

When students and teachers returned to our incredible campus, here at International School Bangkok (ISB), they found that there really is no place like home. One student said they missed the library and having the freedom to read and choose from the great selection of books, another student said they really missed their teachers, and seeing them back on campus was like seeing a rock star.


36 acres of learning and discovery

The spacious ISB campus provides one of the finest learning environments in Asia. From our modern classrooms and study spaces to our learning support centers, ISB has all the comforts and special features you would expect from the first International school in Thailand – as well as extras like our own outdoor wilderness campus!

Our Environmental Wilderness Campus is nestled in a highly ecological setting with botanic gardens, a rock climbing, and forested land, and directly on a reservoir for kayaking. There’s no better place to reconnect with nature than the EWC, where students visit for our wild panthers program or retreats.

With over 36 acres of ISB property, from arts to sports, to recording studios, photo lab, and darkroom, the school has something for everyone. ISB provides some of the finest sports facilities in Asia with 6 gyms, 5 athletic fields, 2 pools including one large enough to kayak (we often have students practicing their kayaking skills as well as lifeguard certification), a baseball pitch, and the only Class 1 IAFF Certified 400m athletics track. We have 2 Media Centers, 2 theaters, an outdoor amphitheater, a Cultural Center, and an Invention Center where students can do anything from 3D printing to robotics, woodwork, and jewelry making.

Each element of our campus has been carefully designed and then brought to life with precision and expertise. A vision that creates an environment where both academic and personal development can flourish, where students can learn experientially and put their newfound skills to creative use.


In such a setting, where hands-on practice is readily available in everything from lab experiments to public speaking in MUN (Model United Nations), ISB students can build valuable skillsets that will far exceed their life at ISB. Our campus offers ample opportunity for students to test their creativity, adaptability, courage, and commitment, as they work to gain confidence and build friendships in this caring, and inspiring learning environment.

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